А1 Македонија e најголемиот оператор со најбрза мобилна мрежа

Најдобрата понуда во мобилната телефонија со неверојатни 100GB мобилен интернет месечно, богато конвергентно портфолио, најсовремени телефони и супериорна услуга на најбрзата мобилна мрежа се само дел од поволностите што ги добиваат корисниците на А1 Маке

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Interview with Gorast Cvetkovski, actor, programmer, gamer

“We create together” in anticipation of the new A1 brand


“We create together” – a new concept in the digitalization era

Encountering the official start of work under the new brand, Vip as part of A1 Telecom Austria Group, promotes new partnership concept with the clients entitled “We create together”


Sofija Shutarova: A1 offered me a way that is completely as I desired, what I want to learn and work

Sofija Shutarova, bachelor of electrical engineering, has finished her education at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technologies in Skopje, Department Telecommunications.


Ivan Skender: How did Vipnet create agile culture by introduction of A1 brand

In the last two years more and more teams of today’s A1 Croatia move to the agile manner of work which, for a company with over 2000 employees and two million users, is quite big, maybe a painful, but necessary step.


Vip’s rebranding into A1 will bring many surprises for our customers

Vip completed the first quarter this year with remarkable results, as it has in the last ten years in which the growth was above 30 percent, at a time when the sector was registered a decline


Vip with a new store concept in the center of Skopje

Vip continues to modernize its sales network and announces a new concept of the store in City Trade Center – Skopje, with a completely new interior concept and new approach to sales.