fiber-optic internet
in your company

Optics - technology of the future

Optical technology is considered to be the technology of the future, allowing transfer of data through light impulses travelling through the last-generation optical fibers. The advantage of this technology lies in its capacity of providing fast response, especially in settings where real-time communication on long distances is necessary.

Optical technology transforms the way of communication and the exchange of data, ensuring top quality performances.

Проверете достапност на интернет
за локацијата на Вашата компанија

За да Ви овозможиме интернет услуга со најсовремена технологија, Ве молиме внесете ја Вашата адреса и Вашиот телефонски број.

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Benefits of fiber-optic internet in your company
во Вашата компанија

Stable connection with minimal latency
Superior internet with incredible download/upload speeds
Simultaneous connection of several devices in the home, with equally high service quality
Adjusting to meet your company's needs and size
Fast and simple equipment installation

Stable and superfast internet

Optical technology provides a flawless user experience at maximal signal quality. The objective of every company is to provide top-notch services to its clients, which requires a safe and reliable internet connection available to each employee in company’s premises.

A stable internet connection is a must for any modern business, ensuring efficient communication, fast access to information, online presence, data management, e-commerce, high quality services for the clients and ensuring competitive advantage on the market.

Fiber-optic internet with A1 Combo Business

A1 Combo Business is a bundle featuring unlimited internet and fixed phone line for your office, in combination with A1 Business Pro mobile lines. Save with the A1 Combo Business bundles and integrate all services into a single bill.

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Choose from the fiber-optic internet tariff plans
included into the A1 Combo Business bundles

А1 Net Business Pro

in A1 Combo Business bundle

unlimited internet
up to 200/200 Mbps
fiber-optic internet

999 MKD/

А1 Net Business Pro

in A1 Combo Business bundle

unlimited internet
up to 300/300 Mbps
fiber-optic internet with Wi-Fi Mesh

1.299 MKD/

А1 Net Business Pro

in A1 Combo Business bundle

unlimited internet
up to 500/500 Mbps
fiber-optic internet with Wi-Fi Mesh

1.599 MKD/
*The rates stated herein are VAT exclusive and refer solely to the fiber-optic internet service included in the respective A1 Combo Business bundle.

Create your own
А1 Combo Business bundle

A1 Combo allows you flexibility and offers you possibility to select services that best fit your business needs and to create your own bundle featuring internet and fixed line, mobile lines and TV.

Fiber-optic internet

After entering a service agreement, our professionals will contact you in the shortest time possible to arrange installation schedule that suits you the best. Our technical service will make sure to install fiber-optic cable in your company in the most discrete way, observing your decoration preferences.

Wi-Fi throughout
your company

Wi-Fi Mesh is a Wi-Fi signal strengthening device allowing you to enjoy a complete Wi-Fi network coverage in all corners of your company premises. Our teams will check and will install this device in your apartment or house if there is need to strengthen the signal. With the A1 Combo Business L and XL tariff plans, the Wi-Fi Mesh device is free of charge.