A1 Combo Box

Internet no matter where you are for 599 den./month

With the new A1 Combo Box bundle, you get fast internet in your home, holiday home or your office. A1 Combo Box is so simple to use, all you need to do is plug in the device and start surfing the net.

A1 Combo Box 2+


national internet
up to 20/1Mbps


0.9 den./min.
to all fixed networks

Please be informed that once the included internet is used up, your internet speed will be reduced down to 2/1 Mbps. If used as part of the A1 Combo Box tariff plan, the internet and fixed line services can only be used at the registered user's address. This offer is available based on a 24 month-service agreement.

Activation and data status

Additional manner of activation
  • By calling 077 1234

  • At A1 stores

Additional internet data bundle

50GB internet
with speed of 20 Mbps