Enjoy an incredible 5G experience!

Activate any of the monthly 5G bundles and explore the benefits of the 5G technology:

  • Monthly 5G bundle featuring unlimited internet data. This bundle allows you to use mobile data unlimitedly and to stay connected on the go at 5G speeds, no matter the amount of monthly data included in your respective tariff plan.
  • Monthly 5G bundle. This bundle allows you to use 5G internet data, within the scope of your monthly mobile data included in your respective tariff plan or any data activated as an additional data bundle.

These bundles are available to postpaid customers using tariff plans which currently do not include 5G internet data. To use the 5G service, you need to be at a location with 5G network coverage and to own a mobile phone supporting 5G technology. The availability of the 5G service in various models of mobile phones depends on the manufacturers, and A1 is guaranteeing the availability of 5G in devices purchased solely at A1 stores. Click here for a detailed list of mobile phone models for which the 5G service is readily available. If you already use a mobile phone that supports 5G, please select the 5G option in the network settings of your device. A1 is intensively working on expanding its 5G network coverage throughout the country, and currently it covers the urban settlements of the City of Skopje.


Monthly bundle Fee (den./month) Internet Activation
5G bundle featuring unlimited internet data 599 Unlimited Via “Мојот А1“
5G bundle 99 Pursuant to the monthly data included in your respective plan Via “Мојот А1“

Please note that this is a promo deal valid for a limited period of time.



Get twice as much internet data for the same price, only via My A1!

Activate additional data bundle via the My A1 app and enjoy twice as much national mobile data, for the same price.

The promo bundles featuring twice as much gigabytes are available to all A1 Postpaid customers, and can be activated solely via the My A1 mobile app.

All you need to do is select the Packages menu in the My A1 app, and then go to "Available National Services" and activate the promo bundle of your choice.

The bundle will be made available for use once it appears in the “Active Services" section in the app.

The data bundle selected may be used by the end of the respective billing period; afterwards, it will be automatically deactivated.

  Price (den./month) Internet Activation
Net 2GB Promo 149 1 GB
2 GB
Via “Мојот А1“
Net 4GB Promo 199 2 GB
4 GB
Via “Мојот А1“
Net 10GB Promo 299 ден. 5 GB
10 GB
Via “Мојот А1“

Please note that this is a promo deal valid for a limited period of time.




  Price (MKD/month) Internet/SMS/minutes SMS activation SMS deactivation
NET 1GB 149 1 GB "START 1GB" to 140240 "STOP 1GB" to 140240
NET 3GB 299 3 GB "START 3GB" to 140240 "STOP 3GB" to 140240
Package 100 SMS to all networks 99 100 SMS to all national networks "START SMS" to 140143 "STOP SMS" to 140143
Package 100 minutes to abroad 399 100 minutes to foreign countries "START 100" to 140303 "STOP 100" to 140303
Package 200 minutes to abroad 699 200 minutes to foreign countries "START 200" to 140303 "STOP 200" to 140303

The complete 4G LTE speed provides internet traffic at the speed of up to 100 Mbps for download and 50 Mbps for upload. The speed depends on several factors such as the telephone device, the network signal and the number of users connected to the internet at the same location at the same time.

All stated prices include VAT.

Activate A1 Go Social, package featuring unlimited internet data for your favorite social networks, such as Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, Twitter, Snapchat, WhatsApp and TikTok.

Use A1 Go Social to share photos and videos, to chat with your friends, to check out the latest Instagram and Facebook stories and to post your own, without spending your monthly internet data.

A1 Go Social

Неограничено за
Facebook, Instagram,
TikTok, Twitter,
Messenger, Snapchat и WhatsApp
199 ден./неделно

A1 Go Social

SMS број за активација / деактивација
на бројот 140 400



The A1 Go Social package may be used as long as you have remaining mobile data in your respective tariff plan. Once used, internet speed will be reduced for the A1 Go Social package as well.

The A1 Go Social package is valid for the A1 Nova & A1 Nova SIM, and for A1 Neo & A1 Neo SIM and A1 Neon/Neon+ tariff plans.

The A1 Go Social package does not include any internet traffic:

  • taking place via VoIP calls through the apps listed below, and  
  • taking place through links redirecting the user to contents outside the listed social networks (e.g. if the user is redirected from Facebook to Youtube, such content will not be included in the internet data included in the A1 Go Social package, and instead, it will be considered as internet traffic included in the respective tariff plan).

Enjoy unlimited music!

Activate A1 Go Music, bundle featuring unlimited data to use the Deezer app, an app storing more than 73 million songs. Search songs and lyrics and listen to your favorite music albums, without tapping into your monthly data.

The bundle is automatically renewed at the beginning of each billing period, unless you decide to deactivate it. Monthly fee of 99 MKD applies. The bundle can be activated by sending SMS.

  Fee (MKD/month) Data SMS activation SMS deactivation
A1 Go Music 99 Unlimited for
to 140400
to 140400

The A1 Go Music bundle can be used as long as you have mobile data remaining in your tariff plan, and once used, your internet speed will be reduced down also for the A1 Go Music bundle, depending on the tariff plan.

The A1 Go Music bundle is valid for the A1 Neo and A1 Neo SIM tariff plans and the A1 Neon portfolios, and is automatically renewed unless deactivated. Upon the initial activation, the monthly fee for the first month is calculated proportionally to the number of days left to the end of the billing period.

Get free A1 Go Music Free bundle!

By activating the A1 Xplore Music by Deezer service, you will automatically get a free А1 Go Music Free bundle to use the Deezer app without tapping into the mobile data included in your tariff plan. The availability of the А1 Go Music Free bundle depends on the mobile tariff plan included as long as it is active and on the A1 Xplore Music by Deezer service.

The A1 Xplore Music by Deezer service is available to all postpaid customers of A1 Macedonia. Please click on the link to learn how to activate and deactivate the A1 Xplore Music by Deezer service.

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