Pantheon Cloud - A solution for efficient business processes

Pantheon Cloud is a state-of-the-art Cloud-based software solution that covers your company's business processes: production management, business analytics, orders, invoicing, accounting, payroll, and more. It is intended for all companies of any activity. Suitable for accounting bureaus and their clients. With Pantheon Cloud, companies save time and can reduce their costs.

A1's Pantheon Cloud solution stores your data on secure servers in A1's data center and allows your external partners (for example external bookkeeping) with your permission to access your data. This way, the work between you and your accountant is simple and efficient.

The Pantheon Cloud solution via A1 is especially suitable for small and medium sized businesses and accounting bureaus, as users pay for the service as much as they use it, simply by adding or canceling the package as needed.

Special Offer

With every first activation of any Pantheon license you get the first 3 months without a fee!

For whom Pantheon Cloud is intended

Pantheon Cloud for Small and Medium Businesses

The right solution for small and medium sized companies that have external accounting. Designed for commercial and service companies.

Basic Pantheon Cloud Functions for Small and Medium Businesses:

  • Warehouses, stock, customs
  • Simple production
  • Issuance and receipt of invoices
  • Transfer between repositories
  • Work orders and invoicing services
  • Basic financial operations
  • Input and tracking of travel orders
  • Complete personnel records

Pantheon Trading

A solution for retail and wholesale, which fully covers the business processes in different companies, whether small or large.

Pantheon for big companies

This solution is for those companies that want to integrate and deeply manage all areas of the company. It is intended for managers and owners as a powerful process analysis tool in the company.

Pantheon accounting

A solution for accounting bureaus.

VAT calculation, payroll, sending reports to state institutions, balance sheets and travel orders, automatic bookkeeping, automatic calculation of exchange rate differences and interest, register of fixed assets and automatic calculation of depreciation, material operations, accounting bureaus access to the same database its customers.

Pantheon for Public Institutions

A solution tailored to the needs of public institutions.

  • Simple outline plan
  • Balance for certain users
  • Balance for other users
  • Total balance
  • Record keeping

Pantheon production

The solution to improve all production processes, from planning to production and increasing the efficiency of the company.

  • Production - norms with alternatives
  • Business intelligence - analysis, reporting, planning
  • Payroll calculation
  • Complete personnel records
  • Accounting
  • Electronic work

Description and contents of the Application Solution

Functional Table of Applications Solution Versions:

  Pantheon RT Pantheon LX Pantheon LT Pantheon RE Pantheon SE Pantheon GE Pantheon ME Pantheon MF
Customer and supplier orders  
Electronic and Internet operations  
Issuing and Receiving Accounts
Travel Orders    
Stocks and Warehouses  
Basic Personnel Records - Personal Map    
VAT calculation    
Working abroad    
Customs warehouses      
Excise warehouses      
Basic tools Basic resources        
Salary calculation        
Complete personnel records        
Basic production        
Business intelligence - predefined control charts        
Business intelligence - control charts as needed          
Business intelligence - analysis, reporting, planning          
Production - Planning              
Production - termination              
Production - advanced work orders              
Manufacturing - specifications with alternatives              

Prices for hosted licenses

System A license PA Host License Rental Space
Prices are without VAT (18%)
LX 429 den / month 500 MB
LT 739 den / month 500 MB
LT3 1.649 den / month 750 MB
SE 1.849 den / month 500 MB
ME 2.159 den / month 500 MB
ME 2.159 den / month 500 MB
RE 1.299 den / month 500 MB
RT 799 den / month 250 MB
MF 3.269 den / month 1000 MB
MT 1.049 den / month 250 MB
GE 1.849 den / month 500 MB
Конектор 289 den / month -

Additional information:

  • The user can only purchase one LX license (only one concurrent user / employee per user).
  • The user can only purchase one LT license (only one concurrent user / employee per user) or one LT3 license (1-3 concurrent users / employees per network).

Independent licenses

  • LX, LT, RE, SE, GE, ME, MF and FA are standalone licenses.
  • RT and MT are licenses with limited functionality.

Combination of licenses

  • FA licenses can be combined with SE, ME or MF licenses.
  • RE licenses can be combined with SE, ME or MF licenses.
  • RT licenses can be combined with RE, SE, ME or MF licenses.
  • MT licenses can be combined with MF licenses.
  • The SE, ME and MF licenses cannot be combined.
  • A combination of LX and LT licenses is not possible.

In the case of solutions that are not hosted through A1's data center but are installed directly on the user's local PC (Pantheon solution), they are offered for a one-time fee in the following amount (sale price):

Type of license Sale price VAT Included (5%)
Pantheon LX package 7.427 den 7.798,35 den
Pantheon LT - for individual users 17.180 den 18.039 den
Pantheon LT3 - Network Usage (up to 3 users) 34.434 ден 36.155,7 den
Pantheon SE 56.940 den 59.787 den
Pantheon ME 67.443 den 70.815,15 den
Pantheon RE 37.435 den 39.306,75 den
Pantheon RT 19.430 den 20.401,5 den
Pantheon MF 104.953 den 110.200,65 den
Pantheon MT 28.433 den 29.854,65 den
Pantheon GE 56.940 den 59.787 den
Pantheon Connector 9.416 den 9.886,8 den

Additional Pantheon Cloud Services

Additional services price list:

Extra disk space / amount Monthly fee / 1GB Monthly fee / 1GB VAT included (18%)
Extra 1GB-9GB disk space 149 den. 176 den.
Extra disk space 10GB-24GB 109 den. 129 den.
Extra disk space - 25GB 79 den. 93 den.
Professional help One-time fee One-time VAT refund (18%)
Basic training PANTHEON LX / LT 3.720 den. 4.390 den.
Advanced training PANTHEON LX / LT 7.440 den. 8.779 den.
Basic Training for Accountants (30h) 37.118 ден. 43.799 ден.
Back up to DVD 1.542 ден. 1.819 ден
Professional help Monthly fee Monthly VAT deduction (18%)
Ad hoc SERVICE DESK services 2.000 den / hour 2.360 den / hour
Service desk Basic (2h) 3.100 den. 3.658 den.
Service desk Standard (5h) 7.550 den. 9.145 den.
Advanced Service Desk (15h) 23.250 den. 27.435 den.
Advanced Service Desk (15h) 23.250 den. 27.435 den.

A1 Auto-locator - Vehicle control and management service

The A1 Auto-locator service features a GPS system for vehicle tracking allowing you complete control over your fleet. This service allows you to track your vehicles’ location and to get continuous overview of all your costs.

This service features:

  • Real time tracking of your vehicles’ exact location at any given time and feed on whether they are stationary or moving
  • Detailed report and reconstruction of driver's and vehicle's behavior
  • Security alarm – the alarm signals are directed to your mobile phone via SMS or to your email address
  • Information on illegal behavior – speeding, traffic violations, abandoning of previously determined areas etc.
  • Defining of vehicle movement routes
  • Temperature sensors
  • Fuel consumption monitoring
  • Taximeter connection – real time tracking of all vehicles and an option for individual communication with all drivers
  • Seat sensors to register presence and number of passengers in a vehicle
  • Expert advices, recommendations and counseling

The A1 Auto-locator allows you to strengthen the control over how your resources are used, thus improving vehicle productivity and the working discipline of your employees, preventing unauthorized use of your vehicles and providing safeguard against thefts. This will surely lead to cutting down fuel, car service and maintenance operating costs.

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