A1 Pulse, prepaid tariff plan for relaxed communication


As A1 Pulse user, with each top up of your A1 Prepaid phone, you will get the A1 Pulse+ option, allowing you to make calls, to connect to the Internet and to send SMS and MMS in the next 30 days for half the price.

A1 Pulse+ Rate (den./min.)
To all national networks 2,9
Call set-up fee 2,9
SMS (den./text) to all national networks 2,9
Internet (den./МВ) 2,9

If you are already a A1 Prepaid customer of any of our current tariff plans, and you wish to transfer to A1 Pulse, all you need to do is send SMS to 14712 with the text Pulse, and in the first set of 30 days you will automatically get the A1 Pulse+ tariff option. To continue using A1 Pulse+ you will be required to top-up; otherwise, you will keep using the A1 Pulse tariff plan.

A1 Pulse Rate (den./min.)
To all national networks 5,9
Call set-up fee 2,9
SMS (MKD/text) to all national networks 5,9
Internet (den./МВ) 5,9

Please note that the charging interval for calls is one minute, and 10 KB for internet data..


A1 Friends – free talks to all A1 Prepaid customers

If you want to enjoy free talks for 30 days with all A1 Prepaid customers as a A1 Pulse customer, please send SMS to 1464 with the text START to activate the A1 Friends package for only 59 MKD. After the expiry of 30 days, the package will be automatically extended, until the customer decides to deactivate it. If you no longer want to talk for free to all A1 Prepaid customer, please deactivate the A1 Friends package by sending SMS to 1464.

To check the validity of your A1 Friends package, please send SMS with the text STATUS to 1464.