Roaming tips before your trip

If you would like to use roaming services abroad, it would be best to prepare before your trip.

We recommend checking your mobile device settings, and activating any additional bundles for calls, SMS and mobile data in roaming you think you might need.

All activations and deactivations of any additional bundles and services can be done in a simple manner through the My A1 app.

In case you do not have My А1 profile, you can register/create profile here or check out our tutorial on A1 YouTube channel My А1 – How to install the mobile app and how to create a profile.



Prepare before your trip

Do you have any additional roaming bundles active?

Check if your tariff plan features any roaming services, or whether you have already activated any roaming bundles. That can be done in a simple manner through My A1.

  • Log into My A1.
  • Scroll down and press the “more” button.
  • In the section “Active Services”, check if you have turned on any roaming service or you have already activated a roaming bundle.

Activate additional roaming bundles

Before activating any additional roaming bundles, in My A1, in the section “Active Services”, check if there are active roaming bans and deactivate them.

  • Log into My A1.
  • In the bottom menu, press the “Bundle” button.
  • Scroll down and in the menu “Available Roaming Services”, press the “more” button.
  • Check the white box to activate an additional bundle.
  • Check which carriers support the bundle you have activated and select that particular carrier manually once in roaming.

Setting up your mobile device

To be able to use roaming services abroad, you need to make certain adjustments on your mobile device.

  • Open the "Settings" menu and search "Mobile networks".
  • Set the search option of the mobile network from “Automatic“ to “Manual“.
  • Search "Data Roaming"
  • In the menu, set "International Roaming" to be always on.

Activating additional roaming bundles and setting up mobile devices in roaming

Watch the video and use the practical tips and hints how to set up your mobile device before traveling abroad.

On the A1 YouTube channel, on A1 Guru, you can watch the video tutorials offering detailed information regarding all our services and products.