A1 Combo Business

Complete solution to run
your retail business smoothly

We are all using products offered by small and large-scale stores located at a fixed location. The most common stores on our market are grocery stores, clothing stores, textile stores, florists, bakeries.

The success of these small businesses relies on the access to stable and fast internet connection, Wi-Fi connection, as well as on mobile phone services allowing fast coordination of everyday activities to stay in touch with partners, suppliers and clients. To meet the needs of these businesses, we offer mobile lines featuring unlimited talks and mobile internet with smartphone of choice, at great price.

We are here to support you and help you stay connected with your clients, develop and promote your business.

А1 Combo Business

А1 Combo Business allows you to stay flexible - stable internet for your store. Opt for A1 Combo plan featuring internet for your office and mobile lines and save up. Additionally, with A1 Combo Business you will get discount for purchasing new device of your choice.

A1 Combo Business M features as follows:

  • Unlimited internet up to 60/5 Mbps
  • Mobile lines with 40GB national internet, unlimited talks and SMS to all national networks
  • New smartphone with great price
All tariffs

A1 Smart Office

Every modern business or office is in need of the perfect solution required to improve employees' comfort, safety and security in working premises.

A1 Smart Office is a smart system designed to manage the electronic devices in your office, so you can stop worrying if you have forgotten to close your office windows, or if you have forgotten to turn off the lights or the AC. Choose our Smart Office bundles and devices to lessen your worries and cut down on your electricity bills, as opting for A1 Smart Office is the smartest thing you can do.


A1 Cloud Messaging

Stay in touch with your clients and notify them promptly about your latest promo deals. A1 Cloud Messaging is a web platform-based software solution designed for companies and institutions using the bulk SMS, Viber and email messaging marketing approach.


A1 Web Hosting

The A1 Web Hosting service offers hosting of your company's webpage on servers located at the A1 Data Center and using databases. This service is an ideal solution for companies preferring professional environment and high-end platform for hosting and maintaining websites. The A1 Е-mail Hosting service is specially designed for companies preferring secure and well-organized email service.