JSP Bus Ticket

Use your mobile phone to purchase a bus ticket with A1 Postpaid

All A1 Postpaid subscribers are able to purchase bus tickets in all the buses of JSP Skopje, simply by using their mobile phones. Purchasing a bus ticket, by using the mobile ticketing service is simple: all you need to do, is to follow the next steps / everything can be done/all can be done, by following the next steps.

To be able to purchase JSP Skopje bus tickets, you need to activate the mobile ticketing service. To activate the service, send an SMS with the text "START" to the number 14 11 14 (the activation is free of charge). You will get an SMS, confirming that you have activated the service successfully.

To purchase a bus ticket using your mobile phone, please follow these steps:

  1. Dial 185 on your phone, and position the phone close to the ticket validator, mounted at the entrance of the bus.
  2. The device will register the call, meaning that you will get both audio and light signals from the ticket validator, to inform you that you have successfully purchased your bus ticket.
  3. You will receive an SMS, confirming that you have made a successful purchase. Please do not delete the SMS, until the end of your bus ride.

The fare for one day bus ticket is 40 MKD. The fare for one night bus ticket is 50 MKD. The monthly limit for purchasing bus tickets from your mobile phone is 1.800 MKD.

Useful advice: After dialing 185, please make sure that your phone is positioned, as close as possible to the device (the ticket validator), and that the call sound on your phone is set on maximum, so that the validator can register the call, because of the potential noise in the bus.

For more information, please call 077 1234.