Мојот А1 Business

Complete control over your user's profile, anytime, anywhere. If you are A1 business subscriber and you have more than 99 lines in your user's profile, then the My A1 Business app is the right choice for you.

You can use this app for:

  • To check your traffic and tariff plan status
  • To get your bill as a PDF file
  • To get a summary of the last 12 bills issued
  • To get all detailed bills for the last 6 months
  • To access full (master) privileges on your profile
  • To grant your employees basic privileges.


To get full (Master) privileges, service agreement signatory is required to fill out the following application: Application for business Master profile.

Once filled out, the application should be signed and stamped by Company's authorized person and should be sent to: kontakt@A1.mk


*In case you service agreement includes less than 99 phone lines, you can still use the My A1 mobile app and A1's web platform.




Мојот A1 - M2M

Мојот A1 - М2М is an app allowing you to check the validity of your fiscal cash register SIM cards, and to extend it at any time.

To check and/or extend the validity of your SIM card:

  • Enter the number of your SIM card and click the "Check" button
  • If you want to extend the validity of your SIM card, click the "Extend" button
  • You will be sent a reply with the new validity date


Please note that the validity of all SIM cards included in the A1 M2M – Fiscal Cash Register tariff plan is extended for a period of one year.


To get privileges to use the My A1 - M2M app, please call your agent or contact our Contact Center at 077 1234.