A1 Macedonia introduces “A1 Flexi” – flexible working model

A1 Makedonia sets new working standards for its employees and proudly announces the introduction...

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A1 Macedonia hosted the A1 Digital Conference 2019!

Skopje, 15 October, 2019 – On the topic “Digitalize your business: Shape the future! European experiences in Macedonia“, today, A1 Makedonija hosted the Digital conference in the country, where the business community had chance to hear the newest trends i


one.Vip today changes its name to A1 Makedonija DOOEL and rebrands Vip into A1

The Telecommunication company one.Vip today changes its name to A1 Makedonija DOOEL and rebrands Vip into A1.


Vasko Tasev: A1 has given me the opportunity to work for 1.2M users

How did you being a student at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering & Information Technologies become a part of Vip’s big family?


Natasha Stavrevska: I want to provide а genuine contribution to every story, which is а part of A1

In addition to her professional duties and the dedication to continuous learning and improvement, Natasha also enjoys traveling and she is known for her excellent sense of humor.


We create together: Interview Marija Barkova, student

E–scooter is one of the many successful promotions offering the customers with possibility to purchase the ultra-modern transport mean – electrical scooter.


Interview with Gorast Cvetkovski, actor, programmer, gamer

“We create together” in anticipation of the new A1 brand