Guide to the digital world

A1 is a telecommunication company focused on developing and offering convergent and sophisticated digital solutions meeting all communication needs of residential and business customers, and the communication needs of every modern family as well.

By providing technology and services adapted to the habits and the needs of the modern age, A1 is constantly encouraging its customers to enjoy new experiences and to discover new worlds filled with even more information, fun and friends.

With the motto "Each world of yours", the intention of A1 is to become a leader in the digital world for all of its users, developing and offering the latest advanced digital experiences and tools, ensuring simpler everyday life, higher productivity and connectivity. A1 is atenttive in analyzing the communication needs of its users in order to offer the best services to meet such needs. A1 is forward looking and relies on its technology to seek and find new opportunities aimed at improving everyday lives of customers. We always strive towards offering new and fresh ideas, as our brand is full of life, with a positive and optimistic outlook and always open to new ways of thinking. A1 never breaks its promises, so our customers can rely on us at all times, because we are a company people can always trust.

A1 Macedonia

A1 Macedonia is a member of the A1 Telecom Austria Group, a leading provider of communication and digital solutions in Central and Eastern Europe, operating in seven countries and providing services to around 24 million customers.

More than 1.100 employees working under the A1 brand are constantly dedicated to providing the best user experience to more than 1.200.000 customers.

All services at a single place

In accordance with the digital way of life, A1 stays focused on providing the best telecommunication and digital services, offering wide portfolio of services. The services offered by the Company are completely customized to meet customers’ needs, by including services in the area of mobile and fixed telephony, mobile and optic internet, cable and digital TV, convergent offers featuring combined packages containing all types of services, as well as advanced ICT solutions.

In its portfolio of ICT services, A1 is offering complete solutions meeting the communication needs for digital operations of its business customers. Through a combination of technical solutions and innovative ideas, customers get ICT products which are intuitive, efficient and low-maintenance, thus becoming an irreplaceable component of their everyday business.

My A1 – digital support

Staying completely dedicated to developing innovative solutions aimed towards taking digital user experience to the next level, we have redesigned and improved the My A1 mobile app, which is specially designed to allow users more transparent information on all services they use.

The free My A1 app available to every A1 customer, including residential and businesses, users of mobile, fixed or convergent services, through the Android and iOS platforms, as well as the web version, is a central spot for all user transactions, such as managing accounts, viewing balance on packages used, checking traffic, activating packages, and transferring credit and topping up, but it is also serves as an information hub for user data, including information on the tariff plan selected, service agreement validity, validity of activated packages and available packages, as well as the preferred communication channel with A1.

Connectivity everywhere

Through its own state-of-the-art network, A1 provides its customers complete coverage with 4G LTE mobile data all over the country and 4G+ in urban areas and coverage ratio of 99.8% of the total population.

24/7 Customer Care

The agents at our Contact Center are always at the service of our A1 customers at any time of the day, all throughout the week, providing the latest and the most relevant information on services used. We are very proud of the high ratings that we get after each conversation with our customers.

A1 Employees

A1 employs young, ambitions and highly trained professionals, with average age of 33. Employees are always at the heart of our dynamic business and we draw our competitive advantage from the skills, abilities, flexibility and the responsibility of our employees. Therefore, we provide constant opportunities to our employees for permanent growth and development through on-the-job formal and informal trainings, as well as through other professional development tools. As a member of the Telecom Austria Group, we offer our employees opportunity to work in an international environment and to benefit from exchanging knowledge, experiences and the best practices with their peers within the Group.

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