New Prepaid User

Choose A1 Prepaid SIM card at a rate of 299 MKD and get 1 SIM card, or opt for A1 Duo at a rate of 399 MKD and get 2 SIM cards to stay connected all the time, to chat with your friends and to send out tons of smiles out there with the initial 10GB data bundle!

Additionally, as a new A1 Prepaid customer, you will get:

  • unlimited talks to A1’s network in the first week as of activation
  • 50 MKD credit to use any way you want, and
  • A1 Friends package, featuring free and unlimited talks for 30 days to all A1 Prepaid subscribers.


You can use the credit on the A1 Prepaid SIM cards anyway you want.


A1 Prepaid card validity

Once the A1 Prepaid card is activated, it will be valid over a 12-month period, during which you will be able to use it freely to make calls, send and receive SMS/MMS messages and use any other service offered by A1.

After the expiration of the 12-month period, you will be able to only receive calls and SMS messages, as well as to use the Prepaid menu (1770) and the Contact centre (077 1234) for 3 more months.

During those 3 months, you can top up your credit and by doing so you will reactivate your Prepaid card.

Should you fail to top up your credit after the additional 3 months have passed, you number will be disconnected and erased from the system.

With every credit top up, the validity of the A1 Prepaid card is extended depending on the amount of the topped up credit. For a 100 MKD topped up credit, the validity of your A1 Prepaid card is extended for 90 days, for a topped up amount between 101 MKD and 499 MKD the validity is extended for 180 days, and for a top up of 500 MKD or more, the validity of the card is extended for a period of 12 months.

A1 Prepaid card credit check

You may check your credit state:

  • Through USSD short codes: *101# , upon which you will receive a message detailing the state and the date of expiration.
  • Through the Prepaid menu: dial 1770 and press 1 to hear the amount of unused credit, as well as the date of expiration of your credit.