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Optics - technology of the future

Оптичката технологија се Optical technology is considered to be the technology of the future, allowing transfer of data through light impulses travelling through the last-generation optical fibers. The advantage of this technology lies in its capacity of providing fast response, especially in settings where real-time communication on long distances is necessary.

Optical technology transforms the way of communication and the exchange of data, ensuring top quality performances.

Benefits of fiber-optic internet

Stable connection with minimal latency
Superior internet with incredible download/upload speeds
Simultaneous connection of several devices in the home, with equally high service quality
Fast transfer of videos and high quality streaming
Fast and simple equipment installation

Superior speed

Optical technology provides seamless user experience when it comes to surfing, streaming, recording and gaming, at maximal signal quality.

200 Mbps

  • 3 second to download an entire music album
  • 3 minutes to download HD high quality movie
  • less than 13 minutes to download Ultra HD 4K movie

100 Mbps

  • less than 1 second to download an e-book
  • 2 seconds to download a mobile app

50 Mbps

  • 1 second to download high quality image
  • less than 3 minutes to download 1 GB file

Gaming experience with optics

A unique gaming experience with low latency, fast video game download and exceptional multiplayer experience are only some of the perks of fiber-optic internet.

In the world of gaming, this means that you will be able to enjoy fast and stable connection, with only a short time interval between clicking and getting reaction of the screen.

Fiber-optic internet bundles

A1 Combo

Combination of home internet, A1 Xplore TV interactive TV and mobile lines featuring unlimited internet data

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Internet and TV

Combination of internet and TV

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Internet service in your home

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Our recommendation: fiber-optic internet in A1 Combo bundle!

Choose A1 Combo and get high quality fiber-optic internet for your home and superior speeds for smooth gaming experience, streaming, recording and surfing. In addition to fiber-optic internet, A1 Combo bundles feature mobile lines, as well as an option to add A1 Xplore TV interactive TV. A1 Combo bundles offer top quality at best prices.

A1 Net M

in A1 Combo bundle

up to 100/100 Mbps
fiber-optic internet

699 MKD/month

A1 Net L

in A1 Combo bundle

up to 200/200 Mbps
fiber-optic internet with Wi-Fi Mesh

899 MKD/month

*Fees above refer solely to internet service integrated within A1 Combo bundle

Fiber-optic internet installation

After entering a service agreement, our professionals will contact you in the shortest time possible to arrange installation schedule that suits you the best. Our technical service will make sure to install fiber-optic cable in your home in the most discrete way, observing your decoration preferences.

Wi-Fi throughout
your home

Wi-Fi Mesh is a Wi-Fi signal strengthening device allowing you to enjoy a complete Wi-Fi network coverage in all corners of your home. Our teams will check and will install this device in your apartment or house if there is need to strengthen the signal. With the A1 Combo L tariff plan, the Wi-Fi Mesh device is free of charge.

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