About us

As a proud member of A1 Telekom Austria Group, a leading provider of digital services and communications solutions in Central and Eastern Europe, currently operating in seven core markets and serving approximately 24 million customers, Vip Macedonia announces that by the end of this year will start using A1 brand and one.Vip DOOEL will become A1 Macedonia DOOEL.

As A1 is a powerful brand, present in Central and Eastern European markets, offering mobile, fixed, TV, data and cloud solutions as well as OTT services, A1 Telekom Austria Group decided to introduce A1 for all its operations yet in September 2017 thus providing all the customers in all the markets with a coherent and unified brand experience.

Even though we will change our name, all the existing contracts and conditions agreed with our bussines partners, clients, customers and suppliers will remain unchanged and valid until their expiration, while all of our services and processes will run as today. There will be no need for our customers to change SIM cards or modems or any equipment whatsoever.


a1 grupacija

From its very beginnings, as a market challenger constantly investing and innovating, Vip has been contributing greatly to the development and advancement of the Macedonian telecom market. As A1, we will keep investing in the next generation networks and new digital areas thus helping the digital transformation of Macedonian economy and society.

As A1, we will continue to deliver meaningful solutions that meet current and emerging needs of the Macedonian customers.

We will keep informing about our next concrete steps in the rebranding process and we look forward to continuing our successful cooperation.

Vip Macedonia is proud of its achievements at the Macedonian telco market and with its 1200 employees that are taking care for 1 million customers.