The internet is not just a game...
Click safely!

Relying upon its long-term commitment towards promoting true social values, we are fully committed to socially responsible projects.

By realizing an educational and innovative program, under the name "Internet is not just a game. Click Safely! ", which is specially targeting young children, our employees educated fourth-graders through interactive and interesting lessons specially customized for the particular age and the respective curriculum, and enriched students' knowledge in how to be part of this global network in safe manner and how to protect their personal data.

The program was realized in close cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Science, endorsed by the Bureau for Development of Education. The first stage of activities took place in the period February-June 2018 and included more than 700 fourth-graders from 10 primary schools from the City of Skopje and covered more than 1200 fourth-graders from 20 municipalities of our country in the school year 2018/2019.