Roaming bundles

With the A1 Roam Surf bundles, explore, share and stay connected during every moment of your trip abroad. The bundles are available to all A1 Prepaid customers.

Activate the A1 Roam Surf XL bundle and you will get 2GB internet data in roaming for only 499 MKD or activate the A1 Roam Surf XXL bundle and get 5GB for 999 MKD. These bundles can be used within 30 days as of the date of activation, without automatic reactivation, and are valid in 25 countries.

Roaming bundles A1 Roam Surf XXL A1 Roam Surf XL A1 Roam Surf L
Included 5GB 2GB 500MB
Activation fee 999 den. 499 den. 249 den.
Available in 25 countries/operators in Europe
Package validity 30 days from activation
Начин на активација SMS with text "START XXL” to 140999 SMS with text "START XL” to 140999 SMS with text "START L” to 140999
Charging interval 100 KB

By activating any of the bundles above, you will have complete control over your internet data costs while in roaming, as once you use up the internet data included in your bundle or your respective tariff, your internet access will be automatically terminated. To continue using internet while in roaming, you can activate an additional roaming bundle.

If you are transferred to a network of a roaming carrier not included in the bundle, your internet access will be cancelled and you will be sent SMS containing instructions on how to continue using internet data in roaming.

To check the remaining internet data in roaming, use your My A1 mobile app or send SMS to 1490 with the text "STATUS INTERNET".

A1 Roam Surf bundles can be used in 25 countries via certain carriers throughout Europe, including: Vip Mobile in Serbia, A1 Bulgaria, IPKO Kosovo, Telenor Montenegro, A1 Croatia, Albania, Turkey, Italy, Germany, Spain etc.

List of the countries and the partners where A1 Roam Surf L, XL and XXL bundles are valid.

For more information, please call 077 1234.