1. Basic Information regarding the My A1 Mobile App

1.1 The My A1 mobile app (hereinafter referred to as the “App") is a software tool allowing Users to use mobile terminal device (phone, tablet) to check their subscription data, traffic, and to get overview of their invoices and non-billed fees for services used provide by A1 Makedonija DOOEL Skopje (hereinafter “A1 Makedonija”), as well as to activate and deactivate certain types of services for certain subscription line. The data available via the App are of informative character and shall by no means represent a substitute to the regular monthly bill sent to Users.

1.2 Each activation/deactivation of services via the App shall affect the monthly bill of the User, holder of the registered subscription line. Each activation/deactivation of services shall be considered successful once registered in the systems of A1 Makedonija. For more details, please read the Article 4 below.

1.3 The App shall be available for use to all natural and legal persons users of mobile telephony services via the public mobile communication network of A1 Makedonija, provided that:

  • they have properly installed the App and have registered their user data via the official webpage of A1 Makedonija – www.A1.mk or via the App, and
  • have active internet service (via mobile or Wi-Fi network).

1.4 In the event of use of the App abroad, for the internet traffic in roaming via the mobile network of a foreign carrier Users shall be charged in accordance with their tariff plan.

1.5 Misuse of someone else's data or someone else's username and password is banned and punishable by Law.

1.6 The App allows its Users to pay their monthly bill or to make top ups using their credit or debit cards (Visa and MasterCard) containing 3-digit security code. In such event, Users shall be redirected to the payment gateway of the Processing Center of CaSys AD Skopje. When making electronic payment of bills, A1 Makedonija does not have access to the data related to your payment card or bank account, as such data is sent directly to CaSys AD Skopje and to the bank through a secure connection. The only information that is visible to us is the name and the last name appearing on the payment card, the number of invoice and the transaction amount.

1.7 A1 Makedonija may display in-app advertisements for its services and products, including, but not limited to, promotional messages, text, pictures or videos or combination thereof, directly in the App or as external links (e.g. link to A1 Makedonija’s webpage).

1.8 To improve App functionalities, A1 Makedonija shall update the App periodically to add new functionalities or to change certain App functionalities. To inform Users for such App updates, A1 Makedonija may send push notifications, which the Users may or may not receive depending on their App user settings and/or the type of their terminal device.

2. Downloading and installing the App

2.1 The App is available for download via Google Play, Apple Store or AppGallery and it is completely free of charge.

2.2 The App runs only on original versions of the operating systems listed above and A1 Makedonija shall bear no responsibility in the event of potentially partial or complete non-functionality caused by installing additionally adapted OS versions.

2.3 Upon the use of the App, A1 Makedonija may store certain data by using cookies, stored on User's terminal device. A cookie is a piece of information stored on User’s terminal device, containing data on User's settings and the settings of the webpage/App itself. Cookies allow websites and applications to display information adjusted to particular User's need and to advertise products and services the User might be potentially interested in. Users can independently select to receive cookies by selecting proper web browser settings.

2.4 Furthermore, the Application displays personal data on the user (including name, surname, telephone number, e-mail address, monthly bill number, activated packages, etc.) which can be accessed by the user upon performed verification and signing in the application.

2.5 The users – natural persons have the option to give or cancel the consent for direct marketing and/or profiling at any time via the Application. The user, by giving consent for direct marketing, agrees A1 Makedonija to inform him/her of the latest promotions, offers, services and packages of communication services by sending SMS, MMS, e-mail via the Application or establishing telephone calls towards the subscriber number. The user, by giving consent for profiling, agrees A1 Makedonija to process his/her personal data via profiling for the purpose of direct marketing, in order to get a review of products and services that the user often uses and offer the corresponding products and services meeting the user’s needs and behaviour which could bring additional benefits.

2.6 Upon the initial installation of the App, Users shall choose to allow or not for the App to access data on the location of User's terminal device. Should the User allow access of the App to User's terminal device location, the App shall provide the following additional User information, provided that the User is located on the territory of the Republic of North Macedonia:

  • A message for the User related to the weather forecast from AccuWeather Intl shall be displayed on the home page of the App. LLC for locations of the User.
  • Option to get list of the closest A1 Makedonija stores, displayed on Google Maps digital map.

3. Logging in and accessing the App

3.1 Having started the App, Users shall be prompted to log in the App in one of the following manners:

  • direct login using User's mobile subscription number, provided that the User has turned on A1 Makedonija mobile networks and has not set any proxies;
  • by entering User’s mobile subscription number registered with A1 Makedonija network, and the User is sent SMS containing a code to enter App menu;
  • by logging in using a previously registered username and password (Users may register via the App or via the official webpage www.A1.mk).

3.2 Once logged in successfully, the User may access the App menu and may use the functionalities available in the App.

3.3 A1 Makedonija shall not be kept responsible for any errors while logging in, for any potential delays in data transfer or for any damages incurred when using unprotected Wi-Fi connection.

3.4 The App allows Users to have their access data (registered username and password) stored by selecting the option "Remember me". In the event of alienation or loss of the device or permanent discontinued use, the User may choose to change their access password and turn off the option to remember their access data or to reset the App to protect their data accessible via the App. By logging out of the App via the "Log out" option, the option “Remember me” is automatically turned off.

3.5 To protect the App against unauthorized use, Users have the option to turn on fingerprint protection, provided that option is supported by User’s terminal device. If the option “Remember me” has been turned on in the App and the User decides to turn on fingerprint protection, then the User shall access the App only by using fingerprint identification, without the need to enter password.

4. Services

4.1 The functionalities of the App in the menu “Packages” and “List of available services” differ depending on the group and the type of users, the current User's tariff plan, as well as the privileges of the specific user profile (basic, advanced or master).

4.2 By using the App, Users can activate and deactivate certain packages and/or additional services. Before the activation/purchase of packages and/or additional services, Users shall be displayed the price of such packages or additional services and shall be asked to confirm the activation thereof. After the successful activation, the price of the package or additional service selected shall be invoiced to the User in next monthly bill (for Postpaid Users) or shall be charged right away from User's credit (for Prepaid Users).

4.3 By activating packages or additional services, Users accept General Terms and Conditions Applying to Accessing and Using Public Electronic Communication Services which are publicly available on the official webpage of A1 Makedonija - www.A1.mk.

4.4 By using the App in the section “Active Services”, Users shall be able to access the exhaustive list of active services related to User's profile. Each activation/deactivation of services shall be considered successful when the activate service shall appear in the list of Active Services within the App (and respectively, the service will disappear from the list of Active Services if deactivated). Until such time, such service activation/deactivation may not be considered as successful.

4.5 Users shall keep their username and password, their SIM card and their mobile terminal device safe against any type of misuse. All and any costs arising in the event the User has disclosed their App username and password to other persons or has made their credentials available to third party shall be born exclusively by the User and shall be invoiced in their monthly bill.

4.6 In the event of internal transfer of a subscription line from one User to another within the same company – subscriber of the services of A1 Makedonija, the company shall notify A1 Makedonija to delete the existing username and password in order to prevent unauthorized use of data or unauthorized activation/deactivation of services via the App. In the event the company shall fail to meet this obligation, A1 Makedonija shall not be held responsible for any non-authorized misuse of data.

5. Intellectual property

5.1 This App is exclusively owned by A1 Makedonija DOOEL Skopje. Any type of copying, distribution, transfer, publishing, connecting, deep connecting or any other type of alteration of the present App is strictly banned.

5.2 Users may not alter, publish, transfer, take part in transfer or sale, process or adapt the App, nor exploit it commercially, or use the App in any manner, both completely or partially, except for the purposes it has been intended.

5.3 The end user shall be held responsible for any damages that might arise by violating copyright, misuse of trademark and of any other rights to intellectual property or any other issues that might arise in the event of unauthorized use of the present App.

5.4 Any violation of these Terms and Conditions that might result in violation of the copyright, the right to trademark or any other right to any other type of intellectual property may lead to initiation of civil or trade proceedings and/or criminal prosecution against the perpetrator.

6. Final Provisions

6.1 The User hereby confirms that they are the owner of the phone number they have registered in the App that they use to access the data available via the App, that is, that the User is authorized user of the username and the password registered to use the App.

6.2 By accepting these Terms and Conditions, the User hereby confirms that the activation or the deactivation of certain packages and/or additional services via the App exercise completely legal validity and may lead to alterations of the amount of User’s monthly bill for the services used.

6.3 The General Terms and Conditions for Access and Use of Public Electronic Communication Services publicly available on the official website of A1 Makedonija - www.A1.mk, the Privacy Policy publicly available on the official website of A1 Makedonija - www.A1.mk, the Statement for Personal Data Protection publicly available on the official website of A1 Makedonija - www.A1.mk, as well as A1 Makedonija Special Terms and Conditions referring to the user based on previously concluded SLAs will apply with regards to all cases not regulated with these terms and conditions for usage.

6.4 A1 Makedonija shall reserve the right to amend the present Terms and Conditions of Use completely or partially, including, but not limited to the contents, the time of availability, as well as to the equipment required to access and use the App. Users shall be notified on the official webpage of A1 Makedonija – www.A1.mk or in other manner deemed appropriate regarding any and all amendments.

The present Terms and Conditions of Use shall be applicable as of 25.08.2014.

OpenSource licenses used:

   - Copyright 2011, 2012 Chris Banes
   - Copyright 2012 Simon Vig Therkildsen

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance with the License. You may obtain a copy of the License at http://www.apache.org/licenses/LICENSE-2.0

Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS, WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See the License for the specific language governing permissions and limitations under the License002E


Weather forecast is provided by AccuWeather Intl. LLC


    • direct login using User's mobile subscription number, provided that the User has turned on A1 Makedonija mobile networks and has not set any proxies;
    • by entering User’s mobile subscription number registered with A1 Makedonija network, and the User is sent SMS containing a code to enter App menu;
    • by logging in using a previously registered username and password (Users may register via the App or via the official webpage www.A1.mk).