ONLINE ORDERING RULES applicable to services and products ordered via

1. Introduction

1.1. Subject matter of the present Online Ordering Rules shall be the terms and conditions of placing an order, making payments and delivery of products and/or services for the use of the А1 tariff plans via the webpage -

1.2 The following services and products are available for purchasing via

  • Postpaid electronic communication services based on entering new subscription service agreement with the Carrier or renewal of an existing service agreement, along with a purchase of a terminal device;
  • Packages and SIM cards for Prepaid electronic communication services for the use of А1 tariff plans;
  • Mobile phones and other terminal equipment (TV sets, laptops, tablets etc.).

1.3 Orders for services and products via the may be placed by any individual having legal capacity, citizen of the Republic of North Macedonia, with permanent place of residence on the territory of the Republic of North Macedonia, as well as by any authorized person representing legal entities with seat registered on the territory of the Republic of North Macedonia (hereinafter referred to as the "Buyer").

1.4 To use the electronic communications, the Buyer shall meet the terms and conditions set forth in the General Terms on Use of Public Electronic Communication Services of A1 Macedonia DOOEL Skopje, as published on

2. Placing an order

2.1 To use the service for purchasing services and/or products online, the Buyer shall first access the webpage, which shall redirect the Buyer to the specific page where the required products or service are described. By using the ORDER button, the Buyer shall select which services and products from the current Carrier's offer they intend to order/buy. Prices of services and products offered by the Carrier shall be stated on the webpage on which online orders are placed.

2.2 The Buyer shall be required to fill out the electronic form by entering their personal and other data required for the order as follows: name and last name of the Buyer, Buyer's personal identification number, place of residence and municipality, Buyer's address, delivery address, number of valid personal identification card or passport and validity date thereof, contact phone number and valid e-mail address of the Buyer in the event of natural person. In the event of legal entity, Buyer’s tax number and legal entity’s identification number (EMBS) shall also be required. The Carrier shall bear no responsibility in the event the order cannot be realized due to error in the data provided by the Buyer.

2.3 Following the selection, the Buyer shall inspect the order and shall confirm both the order and the selected services and products they intend to buy from the Carrier.

2.4 In the process of order confirmation, the Buyer shall agree to have their creditworthiness duly verified. The process of confirming the order may not be realized without providing such consent.

2.5 Once the Buyer fills out the required information and confirms the accuracy and veracity of the information provided, the Buyer shall be sent an e-mail notification to the e-mail address supplied in the ordering process informing the Buyer that the order has been successfully placed with the Carrier. The e-mail notification shall also contain all the details for the order placed by the Buyer.

2.6 After the confirmation of order placement, the Carrier shall analyze the order placed by the Buyer and should the Carrier establish the presence of any of the obstacles provided for in the General Terms of Access and Use of Public Electronic Communication Services of the Carrier, or should the data supplied be inaccurate/incomplete, one of the sales agent shall contact the Buyer to explain the reasons why their order cannot be processed and what are the actions required to remedy such obstacles. Should the Buyer remedy such obstacles and desires to realize the transaction, the Buyer shall initiate new order.

2.7 If the ordered product is out of stock at the time of placing the order, the Buyer shall be offered to choose another product available in Carrier's stock. Should the Buyer fail to select other replacement product, the order shall not be realized. If the Buyer fails to select a replacement product and has already made payment for the order, the Carrier shall initiate a procedure for repayment of the funds paid.

3. Payment procedure

3.1 If all preconditions for successful electronic purchase are enabled in the process of purchasing on the webpage, the Buyer shall be redirected to the electronic payment system to make the payment of the price of the order placed.

3.2 In the event additional verifications are required by the Carrier, the Buyer shall be sent an e-mail containing a link to the webpage of the processing center through which payment for the order placed is done. Moreover, the Buyer shall also be sent a unique code which the Buyer shall be prompted to enter into the electronic payment system to finish the payment successfully. The Buyer shall be required to pay for the order placed within 24 hours; otherwise, the order shall be deemed to have been cancelled.

3.3 Payment is done with credit or debit cards issued by an authorized bank, except for American Express and Diners cards which may not be used to make payments.

3.4 Once the payment is done, the Buyer shall be sent a conformation via e-mail.

4. Delivery procedure

4.1 Once the payment is successfully done, the Carrier shall prepare the shipment which is to be delivered to the Buyer by a duly authorized Delivery Company (which depending on the products and/or services order might consist of subscription documentation which is to be signed by the Buyer, SIM card and/or terminal equipment, as applicable). The costs for the delivery shall be borne by the Carrier.

4.2 The Delivery Company shall contact the Buyer within 2 business days as of the date of payment at the latest and shall set the date and time of delivery, which shall not be longer than 72 hours as of the time of contacting the Buyer.

4.3 The delivery shall be made to the address that the Buyer has stated in the electronic form upon the placing of the order or to any additional location agreed with the Delivery Company.

4.4 At the time of delivery, the Buyer shall provide to the Delivery Company a proof of their identity by presenting Buyer's personal or travel document (personal identification card or passport), data whereof has been used when placing the order.

4.5 Once the identity of the Buyer has been confirmed successfully, the Delivery Company shall:

  • Ask for a signature to be duly placed on the subscription documents by the Buyer (provided that mobile telephony services require entering or renewing subscription service agreement with the Carrier). One original copy of the subscription documents shall be given to the Buyer and the other one shall be given to the Delivery Company to be returned to the Carrier;
  • Handing over of the parcel: SIM card, mobile phone or other terminal equipment, along with the required documents for the product (warranty sheet, invoice for payment) and/or signed subscription documents, and the Buyer shall be required to sign the form of the Delivery Company conforming that the delivery has taken place.

4.6 After the delivery and the signing of the subscription documents by the Buyer, the Carrier shall activate the services which are subject matter of the subscription service agreement entered by the Carrier and the Buyer within 5 days at the most as of the time of signing thereof in the event of public communication services, or within 15 business days at the most, in the event of services on a fixed location.

4.7 The delivery shall be deemed unsuccessful in the any of the following events:

  • If the Delivery Company shall fail to contact the Buyer within 3 business days as of the date of processing of the shipment which is subject of delivery in line with the item 4.1 of the present Online Ordering Rules;
  • If the Buyer and the Delivery Company shall fail to set time and date of delivery of the parcel in line with the meaning of items 4.2 and 4.3 within 72 hours as of the initial contact.
  • If the Delivery Company shall fail to locate the Buyer at the address stated on the date and time agreed for delivery in line with the meaning of item 4.3 of the present Online Ordering Rules.
  • If the Buyer shall fail to confirm their identity before the authorized person of the Delivery Company in line with the meaning of the item 4.4 of the present Online Ordering Rules.
  • If the Buyer shall fail to sign the subscription documents in full or the delivery form which is required to realize the order in line with the meaning of item 4.5 of the present Online Ordering Rules.

4.8 In the event of any of the circumstances stated in item 4.7 above, the order shall be deemed to have been cancelled by the Buyer; within 15 days the Buyer shall be repaid the full amount they have paid for the order in question.

5. Legal notices

5.1 The Buyer hereby acknowledges as follows:

5.1.1 The Carrier shall not be held responsible for any potential damage suffered by the Buyer and/or any third person as a consequence of inappropriate and/or unauthorized use of the payment card, or misuse thereof, or unauthorized use of a third party without the knowledge and consent of the owner, nor for the damage that might arise as a result of interruption of the internet connection at the time of payment via the processing center.

5.1.2 The order shall be deemed confirmed if the Carrier shall get return information from the payment system of the processing center that the payment has been successful. The Carrier shall not process any order without previous positive conformation for successful payment.

5.1.3 Buyer having made a payment for the their order and having been sent an e-mail notification by the Carrier confirming the payment, but having failed to get the service/product they have paid within the timeframe stated, shall be entitled to file a complaint.

5.2 The Carrier shall reserve the right to decide independently which of the products and services of their portfolio shall be offered for sale on

5.3 The Carrier and the authorized Delivery Company shall process the personal data of the Buyer pursuant to the provisions governing personal data protection by taking all prescribed technical and organizational measures to ensure secrecy and protection which processing personal data they dispose of. Personal data, required for the realization of the purchase, shall not be processed for any other purpose other than the realization of the order placed online.

5.4. Should the Buyer consider that the they have been delivered an inappropriate product, the Buyer may ask for a replacement thereof within 15 days as of the purchase, provided that the product has not been used, if the appearance of the product has been maintained, if the properties of the products have been maintained and if the warranty seal and factory labels have not been damages and if the Buyer is able to present the invoice that the Carrier issues after the successful payment by the Buyer.

5.5 The Carrier shall reserve the right to amend any or all of these Services and Product Online Ordering Rules via the webpage at any time, without any previous notice. In the event of amending of the present Online Ordering Rules, they shall be published and made available to all Buyers on