Wireless television with A1 TV Lite

A1 TV Lite is a digital television which includes the most popular Macedonian TV channels being broadcasted wirelessly with excellent quality of image and sound to any location in Macedonia.

A1 TV Lite S A1 TV Lite M
Monthly subscription (den.)
199 299
No. of TV channels up to 20 up to 50

As part of these tariff models, the users are also able to follow Macedonian, national and regional digital TV channels.

The number of channels available for viewing with the package depends on the region where the "television via DVB-T" service is used due to the varying number of Macedonian regional private digital televisions in each region.

The wireless technology (DVB-T) allows you to pick and choose the location in which to use one of these tariffs.

You can activate an additional TV connection for just 99 MKD a month.

List of TV channels and additional packages

For more information, please call 077 1234.