E-Bill Consent

As business customer, we hereby offer you the possibility to register and having your telecommunication services monthly bills sent to you in electronic form to your email, rather then getting them in hardcopy.

Monthly bills from A1 Macedonia DOOEL Skopje are signed with electronic signature based on a digital certificate of an authorized person for invoice signing, with qualified digital company stamp, as well as a timestamp, thus ensuring the authenticity of the origin and the integrity of bill's content. Thus, as of the next month, you will be sent an electronic bill for your company in PDF/A-3B standard (PDF file for archiving and long-term storage of electronic documents based on ISO 19005-3 and ISO 32000-1) whose 1.7 version contains XML file, containing the basic invoice elements in accordance with the Law on VAT – Article 53, Paragraph 10.

This electronic bill is completely in accordance with the Law on VAT 53-b and allows for efficient bookkeeping and recording of the bills and the documents for your company.

Additional benefit of the electronic bill is the possibility for easy navigation through the various invoice segments and overview of the services for each mobile and fixed subscription number in your company.

To start getting your electronic bill for your company, all you need to do is to fill out the document Consent to deliver and receive bills in electronic formand:

  • Fill out the form and sign it electronically to the following e-mail address: eSmetka@A1.mk or
  • Print, fill out and sign the form and to send it by mail to A1 Macedonia DOOEL Skopje, Ploshtad Presveta Bogorodica br. 1, 1000 Skopje