Information and rates

If you wish to choose a network to your liking instead of being automatically connected to one of the networks, go to the menu of your phone and select the manual network selection option. However, you will have to change networks again upon leaving the country.


Prices in Europe (excluding Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Kosovo and Russia)

  Outgoing call Roaming incoming call Outgoing SMS Internet(100 KB)
79 MKD 29 MKD 19 MKD 39 MKD
109 MKD 29 MKD 19 MKD 59 MKD




World prices (including Russia) 

  Outgoing call Roaming incoming call Outgoing SMS Internet(100 KB)
179 MKD 79 MKD 29 MKD 79 MKD
219 MKD 79 MKD 29 MKD 99 MKD





  Outgoing call Roaming incoming Outgoing SMS Internet(100 KB)
219 MKD 99 MKD 59 MKD 99 MKD


Golden partners are mobile operators abroad via which you can make lowest cost calls while using their network.


Silver partners are all remaining operators in these countries. 

Billing information

  • Calls are billed at 60 seconds
  • Internet in roaming is billed at every 100КB
  • Incoming SMS messages are free of charge
  • Received MMS messages are charged at the rate of internet traffic. Sent MMS messages are charged at the rate of internet traffic, plus the price of a sent MMS message according to the national traffic pricelist. One MMS message may contain up to 300 KB.


You may review the roaming zones, tariffs and roaming partners at the following link.



Regulated roaming prices in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Kosovo and Montenegro in accordance with the Decision of the Agency for Electronic communications (valid as of 01.07.2017)

Period Call home or to Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia, Albania, Kosovo (minute) Roaming incoming call (minute) SMS (incoming) Internet / MB MMS (outgoing)
From 01.01.2020 3,64 1,82 1,46 1,09 Charged according to the transferred data traffic


Prices are in MKD including VAT and apply to all operators of the abovementioned countries.


The billing interval is 30/1 seconds for outgoing calls and 1/1 seconds for incoming calls.

The internet billing interval is 1KB. Calls to countries other than the Balkan states of Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina are billed according to the standard roaming pricelist (or the activated package).

Incoming SMS messages are free of charge.

The tariff is valid for all existing and new postpaid users. No additional activation is necessary.

The users who are already using the advantages of the Special roaming option will continue to do so, but in case they wish to switch over to the regulated prices applying to Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania and Kosovo they are required to send an SMS message with the text "EGROAM" to 140799, thereby losing the benefits of the Special roaming option and having the regulated prices in these countries and the standard prices in all other countries apply instead. The SMS message is free of charge in Macedonia, and if the user wishes to send it while in roaming, the rate charged is the price of an SMS message determined within the Special roaming option. If you do not wish to use mobile data in roaming, deactivate the option via the My Vip app or call our Contact Center at 077 1234.