Grow your digital tree
in My A1, and then we
will plant it!


As part of the “For Better World” programme, A1 has launched the eco project called A1 Digi-Tree, whose core objective is to encourage the use of digital activities by customers, as well as to contribute to improvement of the environment.

Through the A1 Digi-Tree project, every residential postpaid user of the My A1 app has the opportunity to grow their digital tree by using digital activities. The more digital activities you use, the faster your digital tree will grow. For every digital tree, A1 will plant an actual tree at various locations around Macedonia.

How to grow my digital tree?

When performing any of the following activities, your digital tree will grow by certain percentage as follows:

Paying monthly bill online
Postpaid to prepaid online top-up
Donating an used phone to A1 store to be recycled
eSIM card activation
Entering new or renewing a current service agreement online

To join A1 Digi-Tree, please update your My A1 app to the last version. If you do not use My A1, please install the app and register as a new user. You can track the growth of your tree in the My A1 app. Once your tree is 100% grown, you can start growing new digital tree. All grown digital trees then will be planted as actual trees by A1 at locations around Macedonia where most needed.

Јoin the A1 Digi-Tree project, use our digital options and let us all make a genuine contribution to a BETTER WORLD and to a better future of our community.