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Personal Data Privacy Policy applicable to all visits to A1 Macedonia's web page

The present Personal Data Privacy Policy shall set forth the manner in which A1 Macedonia DOOEL Skopje shall collect, use, maintain and disclose data collected from users (hereinafter referred to as "User") when visiting its webpage available at (hereinafter the “Webpage”). 
The present Privacy Policy shall exclusively refer to the Webpage and shall not concern any user personal data that A1 Macedonia has collected otherwise. 
This Privacy Policy shall not refer to any other personal data collected by other webpages that Users have accessed via our Webpage.

What type of information we collect?

Please be informed that your privacy is always observed when visiting the Webpage.
When visiting the Webpage, A1 Macedonia is processing your personal data (personal identification data and contact information) only if you voluntarily provide such data when signing up on our Webpage to use our products and services, such as activating or deactivating certain services, prepaid registration, getting information about the status of your subscription, e-orders when making online purchases, e-bill payment, sweepstakes, polls.
When making electronic payment of bills, A1 Macedonia shall not get access to the data related to your payment card or bank account, as such data is sent directly to the certified payment card transaction processing center and to the bank via a secure connection.

How are collected data and information used?

A1 Macedonia is processing your personal data to:
-Ensure that you are able to use our online services and products with the aim of improving your experience through improving user’s service quality, that is, to respond more efficiently to your requests and to provide the support requested.
-Administer contents, promo deals, polls and other functionalities of the Webpage, with a single aim of improving its quality and the services it offers.
Your personal data shall not be processed for any other purpose other than the purpose for which they have been originally collected. 
Your personal data shall be processed for any other purpose solely based on a previous consent provided by you.

How is personal data processed?

A1 Macedonia shall process your personal data pursuant to the provisions governing personal data protection of the Republic of North Macedonia, at the same time, taking all prescribed technical and organisational measures to ensure secrecy and protection which processing personal data it disposes of.  
A1 Macedonia employees shall keep secret all information (including personal data) they may encounter during their professional duties.
A1 Macedonia shall apply safety measures to collect, keep and process information and shall protect against unauthorized access, alteration, disclosure or destruction of any personal data, as well as any non-personal data it may keep on its webpage.   Personal data may be submitted only to competent authorities, in accordance with the legally prescribed procedures.

Other information

Considering the very nature of the internet, it is important to point out that when using the internet, data about user's habits and preferences are collected passively and automatically.
When visiting the Webpage, A1 Macedonia may also store some information related to Users which on their own are not sufficient to identify Users and are solely statistical indicators used to improve Webpage’s quality. Such information may include browser names, computer type, technical information about User's connection when visiting the Webpage, such as the operating system and the internet service provider, the IP (Internet Protocol) addresses assigned by internet providers which are exclusive to each User and other information.

Browser cookies

Cookies are small pieces of textual files which are recorded on your computer or mobile device, designed to improve User’s experience and are not associated to your personal data you have submitted previously in any way. 
Based on the cookies, A1 Macedonia is tracking the navigation of visitors of the Webpage and collects data to better understand the way how Users use the Webpage, in order to improve user’s experience, and to optimize and to advance Webpage functionality.  
Cookies allow us to identify your browser the next time you visit our Webpage. Cookies may store your preferences and other technical information, but cannot read data or information from your hard drive or your mobile phone, nor to access any other cookie files from other webpages.
A1 Macedonia uses several types of cookies:
-Strictly necessary cookies—cookies required for the proper operation of the basic Webpage functionalities, such as navigation, online shopping, payment, traffic statistics, content optimization etc. They are usually set as a response to certain interaction Users may have with the Webpage, such as Cookie Settings adjustments, login or electronic form filling. Such cookies do not contain any personal data and they cannot be turned off. More options regarding the use of this type of cookies may be adjusted in your browser, in order to block or to notify you regarding this type of cookies; however, in that case, some parts of the webpage may not function properly.
-Analytical cookies - cookies that allow us to count visits and sources of traffic, in order to measure and to improve Webpage's performance. They help us analyze which pages are most visited and to learn how visitors navigate through the Webpage. Information gathered by these cookies is both aggregated and anonymous.
-Functional cookies – cookies that ensure better functionality and personalization of Webpage's contents. They may be placed by A1 or by a third party whose services have been enabled on the Webpage. If you do not agree to use this type of cookies, some parts of the Webpage may not function properly.
-Marketing cookies – cookies that may be set via the A1 Webpage by external partners. Partners may use cookies to show you relevant ads of other webpages. They do not store your personal data directly; instead, they are designed to identify your browser and/or internet device.
The Webpage stores only such type of cookies stored on User's computer, in accordance with the settings of the internet browser that the User has made. 
When visiting the Webpage, visitors may select what type of cookies they would like to store on the browser, using the Cookie Settings option. By clicking on the “I agree” button or by continuing using the Webpage, you allow us to store the cookies described herein. 
When making settings of their browser, Users may choose to accept or delete cookies. If Users choose the latter setting, certain segments of the Webpage may not function properly.

To change your cookies settings click on: Cookie Settigns


A1 Macedonia uses information it collects through the use of cookies for the purpose of remarketing via Google AdWords and Facebook, that is, for the purpose of advertising to other webpages the Uses may visit, based on previous visit of and based on getting consent for that activity.
Google, Facebook and other third parties show AdWords, that is, ads, through various internet pages and apps that the User may visit and use. These ads are based on previous visits of A1 Macedonia' webpage through the use of cookies.
E.g., once a User has visited and has shown interest into certain service or devices without making any orders, such activity generates an information that may appear in the form of Google and Facebook ad, and based on User's previous interest, the next time the visitor visits other webpages that also uses Google ads, the visitor shall be presented A1 Macedonia ad or an ad regarding the contents they have visited on A1 Macedonia's Webpage. All data collected by A1 Macedonia shall be used in accordance with the present Privacy Policy, that is, in accordance with Google and Facebook Privacy Policies for any data collected by them.
Users may make their own settings of the parameters regarding the way in which Google and Facebook show their advertisements, by visits the following webpages: For Google: and for Facebook: Users may choose not to use this manner of advertising based on their previous interest by making corresponding cookie settings in the browser of their choice. DoNotTrack ("DNT") is a functionality that allows Users to set up their browser to inform webpages that they do not wish for their navigation to be tracked. 
DNT functionality may be enabled or disabled in the menu Preferences or Settings of internet browsers.

Personal Data Privacy Policy Amendment

A1 Macedonia shall reserve the right to update the present Personal Data Privacy Policy at any time. In such case, A1 Macedonia shall publish a notification on the Webpage and shall update the date at the bottom of this page. Hereby, the User accepts and agrees that they shall periodically revisit the Privacy Policy to be informed of any potential modifications.

Terms and conditions

By continuing accessing and using the present Webpage, available at, Users accept the provisions of the present Privacy Policy. 
If you do not agree with the present Privacy Policy, please terminate the access to the Webpage. 

A1 Macedonia DOOEL Skopje

Last update: 01.2020