Postpaid Tariff Models

With the A1 Neo tariffs you will get:

A1 Neo L

A1 Net Sef

up to 100GB


internet data
minutes and SMS
50 minutes
International calls
Recommended tariff

A1 Neo M

A1 Net Sef

up to 50GB

10GB 15GB

internet data
minutes and SMS

A1 Neo S




internet data

After the usage of the activated internet, in the tariff model and in the А1 Net Sef, you can keep using free internet, but with slower speed.

If you are already a Postpaid user, and during the promotional period, you activate an additional A1 Neo line, you will get an additional 1000 MKD discount for a new phone. The additional discount for a new phone is valid only for residential customers, with a new 24 months contract, for an already existing mobile line that is with at least 3 months until the due date.

The offer is valid for both, new and existing customers, by choosing the tariff plan A1 Neo, and signing a new agreement or by renewing an existing 24 month service agreement. Another condition, for the customer to receive the promotion with 15GB mobile internet data for the tariff plan A1 Neo M is to have an activated e-bill. The one-time charge, for the activation of the tariff plan is 59 MKD, per line. The unlimited minutes and SMS, are valid for all the national networks. Please note that the charging interval for outgoing calls is 60 seconds, and 1KB for national internet data.

What is A1 Net Sef?

A1 Net Sef is your personal internet data vault, where all the unused monthly national internet data from your tariff will be saved, and you will be able to use it, whenever you want, however you want.

You begin to use the saved internet in A1 Net Safe, from the moment in which, all of your internet data will be spent, that is included in the tariff.

By using the app My A1, you can track, how much internet data you have spent, and how much you have saved in your А1 Net Sef.

Please note that once the national internet data included in your respective tariff plan has been used up, you will continue using internet data for free, but at reduced speed.

This deal is valid for all new and existing subscribers, based on entering new or renewing an existing 24 month service agreement for the A1 Neo tariff plans. The one-time tariff plan activation fee amounts is 59 MKD per line. The unlimited talks and SMS offer applies to all national networks. Please note that the charging interval for outgoing calls is 60 seconds and 1KB for national internet data. Minutes allocated for calls to international destinations may be used to countries of all zones, except for the Special Zone 6 (satellites).

Tariff plans available by purchasing SIM card only

А1 Neo S SIM 449
А1 Neo M SIM 649
А1 Neo L SIM 999

If you are not interested in buying a new phone, then we recommend you to select a tariff plan that only includes a SIM card.

A1 Neon

A1 Net Sef

up to 50GB


internet data
minutes and SMS
Unlimited internet
every night from
00:00hrs until 06:00hrs

A1 Neon

It's time for a summer online sale!

Choose A1 Neon and get an additional discount for a new smartphone and promo 20GB mobile data, every month.

Tariff plan A1 Senior is available to all resident persons who will certify that they are pensioners by concluding a new one or renewing the contract for 24 months.

A1 Senior  
monthly fee (den.) 299
Minutes toward А1 network Unlimited
Minutes toward all national networks (fixed & mobile) 50
SМЅ toward all national networks 50
4G internet 500MB

Smartwatches for kids

MyKi Watch

MyKi is the last generation smartwatch for kids, which, in addition to being great fun for your child, also provides certainty for you!

Choose MyKi smart watch for your child and surprise them with a great scooter for superfun summer.

The smartwatch for kids features a GPS device, allowing you to track your child's location and movement. The smartwatch is easy to use. The integrated SOS button allows your child to reach you on your phone at the touch of a button, and the integrated SIM card allows you to reach your child at any time.

The smart watch is available in this promo offer for 0 MKD in all our stores or by making an online order, based on entering 24-month service agreement and monthly fee of 199 MKD for the A1 MyKi tariff plan.

A1 MyKi


data to be used on the smartwatch
500 minutes
to A1
50 minutes
to other national networks
50 SMS
to all networks



MyKi functionalities:

  • Location - with MyKi, you will be able to track the movement of your child on your phone via the MyKi Watch app.
  • Calls- you can predefine up to 10 numbers that the MyKi watch can make. With MyKi your child is protected against unwanted calls, as the watch allows only incoming and outgoing calls to and from predefined phone numbers.
  • SOS speed dial button – once the SOS button is pressed, you child will be able to call you and the watch will automatically send the coordinates of your child's exact location.
  • Voicemail - you can both send and receive voice messages to and from your child.
  • Touch/proximity sensor - its integrated sensor allows you to check if your child is wearing the watch and you will be immediately notified in case your child takes out the watch.

MyKi Touch

For even more fun, opt for the touchscreen MyKi Touch smartwatch, available for 0 MKD, based on 24-month service agreement for the A1 MyKi tariff plan.

Additional functionalities of the MyKi Touch model:

  • Color touch screen – with MyKi Touch your child will be able to access any menu with only a single touch on the screen, making MyKi Touch interactive and easy to use.
  • Changeable silicone wristband in several colours, which are completely safe and comfortable for the child’s wrist.
  • Several ringtones of choice.

Additional information on the features of the MyKi smartwatches is available at MyKi website at

For more information, please call 077 1234.

MyKi Pet тракер

Отсега Вашето милениче ќе може слободно да си игра надвор, а Вие опуштено ќе може да ја следите неговата локација каде и да е. Нема потреба да се грижите дека Вашето милениче ќе се изгуби, затоа што со MyKi Pet тракерот, секогаш ќе знаете каде точно се наоѓа.

MyKi Pet е тракинг уред, кој им помага на сопствениците на миленичиња преку апликација да го следат движењето на миленичињата и нивната локација во кое било време. Преку GPS, LBS и Wi-Fi локализацијата, MyKi Pet Ви овозможува прецизна локација на миленичето со точност до десет метри. Сопственикот на миленичето може да постави безбедносна зона околу вообичаеното место за прошетка, и доколку миленичето ја премине оваа зона, сопственикот во истиот момент ќе добие нотификација. Тракерот тежи само 28 грама и затоа е лесно да се постави на мали, но и на поголеми домашни миленичиња.

MyKi Pet тракерот е достапен за 0 денари, со договор склучен на 24 месеци за тарифниот модел A1 MyKi Pet со претплата од 199 ден./месечно.

Повеќе информации за функциите на тракерот можете да најдете на веб-страницата за MyKi или јавете се на 077 1234.

Additional informations & help
  • The prices are with VAT included.
  • 4G LTE speed is dependent on several elements, like having proper uSIM card, phone capabilities, network signal and number of simultaneous internet users on same location.

For more information call 077 1234.