Opt for the A1 Mobile Net mobile data plan and get 20GB superfast mobile internet, no matter where you are, for only 499 MKD/month. A1 Mobile Net is an ideal solution for the upcoming online lessons for your child or in case you need mobile internet on an additional device that can be used no matter where you are.

The tariff plan is available using a SIM card featuring 20GB superfast mobile internet every month, for only 499 MKD/month.

Additionally, with the A1 Mobile Net tariff plan, you can choose as follows:

  • Alcatel Tablet 3T 10" on 24 monthly installments for only 199 MKD.

Please note that this is a promotional offer and it is only valid based on entering 24-month service agreement. The number of tablets available within this offer is limited.

For more information call at 077 1234.