A1 Secretary Voicemail Service

The A1 Secretary Voicemail Service is a simple and useful service designed to receive and store voicemails. This service is activated automatically and can be used immediately. Make sure that your friends are always able to reach you, even if you are unavailable, if you do not want to pick up your phone or if you are already busy talking to somebody. A1 Secretary is there to receive new messages for you; it sends you an SMS informing you that you have new voicemails and it keeps them for you until you decide to hear them.

How to Access A1 Secretary Voicemail Service

You can access your A1 Secretary Voicemail Service in three ways:

  • Simply call 077 1222, +389 77 1222 or 1222 (the short number can only be accessed if calling from A1 network)
  • Press 1 (and keep it pressed), provided that your phone number supports automatic calls to the A1 Secretary Voicemail Service. Please be informed that you might need to use another button depending on the model of your phone.
  • In your phone's menu, select A1 Secretary Voicemail Service. To be able to use the automatic option for calling the A1 Secretary Voicemail Service, check the instructions for use of your mobile phone and enter the number +389 77 1222 in the Voicemail option. Depending on the type of the phone and the language you have selected, the option Voicemail may be available under "Glasovna posta", "Voice mailbox number", "voice mail" or similar. When you call A1 Secretary Voicemail Service for the first time, you will be prompted to set up the language and your message. All settings for your A1 Secretary Voicemail Service are available in the settings menu, which includes settings for your Personal Message, Out of Office Messages, Default System Messages, Personal Name etc. The setting up process is simple and fast. You can access the option "help" by pressing 0. We recommend that you make the basic settings the first time you call A1 Secretary Voicemail Service. To make any changes of your A1 Secretary Voicemail Service, call 1222. The call is free of charge.