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Во А1, креираме нови решенија, испробуваме нови работи и истите ги реализираме.

Нашиот тим се состои од талентирани индивидуи, доверливи, внимателни и спремни за нови предизвици. Заедно градиме бренд, со којшто на сите ќе им овозможиме премиум корисничко искуство и решенија кои го подобруваат животот во дигиталната ера.

Нашата заедничка цел, стратегија и култура, се водени од мотото: Го поттикнуваме дигиталниот начин на живот. Ние сме интернационална компанија, која е предводена од доверба, тимска работа и агилен начин на работа.

Нашите експерти се отворени кон нови идеи и проширување на своите видици – преку промена на старите рутини, покажувајќи силен претприемачки дух и мотив професионално да се надоградуваат и на тој начин да остварат повеќе можности за развој на кариерата. Поддржуваме меѓусекторска и меѓународна соработка, работиме на интернационални проекти, поврзуваме луѓе, места и нешта.

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“Создади искуство кое ТИ сакаш да го живееш”, можеби овде кај нас има позиција на која што ти припаѓаш.

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Cloud Expert

Краен рок за аплицирање:  2019-10-27
Име на оддел: Technical Sector
Град Skopje

Опис на работно место

Our world is changing fast. A1 Makedonija is a company that is making the digital transformation happen. With 1.000 passionate experts in our footprint, we are a driver of change and an enabler for more than a million of people to enjoy it. Join us and bring your individual talent to our team. Shape the experience YOU want to live. #MakeItHappen.

Job Purpose
The aim of A1 Makedonija is connecting people, places and things, providing solutions that enrich life in the digital age and delivering a total customer experience. Main responsibility of the Core Network and Cloud Infrastructure Operations team is offering high availability service for voice and data in A1 MK network. As a Cloud Expert, you will be part of the biggest technology revolutions in the industry and be involved in creating new functionalities and support customer’s needs.

What you do

  • Responsible for designing and implementing enterprise infrastructure and platforms required for cloud computing
  • Create a well-informed cloud strategy and manage the adaption process
  • Deploy and manage infrastructure systems for high available applications using all the latest innovation (private, public and hybrid cloud, virtualization).
  • Analyzes system requirements and ensures that systems will be securely integrated with current applications
  • Regularly evaluate cloud applications, hardware, and software
  • Respond to technical issues in a professional and timely manner
  • Confident in decision making process
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Support 24x7 once per month

What you offer

  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Information Technology or relevant field.
  • Good knowledge of at least one operating system: Linux, Unix, Solaris, Ubuntu, Windows
  • Understanding of networking: TCP/IP, IP addresses, HTTP, DNS
  • 3-5+ years' experience designing, executing and supporting IT Cloud solutions
  • Understanding of system development in cloud environments, including Software as Service (SaaS), Platform as Service (PaaS), or Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
  • Business English speaker with efficient written skills

What makes you unique

  • Self – Starter
  • Clear communication and documentation skills
  • Good knowledge of at least one operating system: Linux, Unix, Solaris, Ubuntu, Windows
  • Knowledge of OpenStack, OpenShift , VMware
  • Ability to quickly learn and have an exceptional interest in digital technologies
  • Curious and forward looking
  • An excellent sense of humor

What we offer
We build on our expertise with constant learning, offer an open environment for every individual and provide flexible working time and office arrangements. We invite you to join us in this new world of work.

“Curious? Let’s turn visions into realities, together! Let’s make it happen!
       Please click “apply” to submit a cover letter and resume.

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