Sofija Shutarova: Vip offered me a way that is completely as I desired, what I want to learn and work

Sofija Shutarova, bachelor of electrical engineering, has finished her education at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technologies in Skopje, Department Telecommunications.

Her ambition to work in multinational company brought her to Vip. She immediately accepted the offer to start as intern in the Marketing Department, knowing that she is starting a completely new chapter in her professional life.

My Vip story

My story with Vip is very simple – I saw the job announcement for intern, in the Marketing Department, and I have just applied, without a lot of thinking about my opportunities. The interview was a different experience for me.

It was different from recent interviews I have been, because it was more relaxed and the colleagues responsible for recruitment, obtained the information they were interested in one unobtrusive way.

Of course, I was feeling nervous, but probably it is natural for every person. When I got the call that they chose me, I knew that this was the opportunity that I shouldn’t miss.

Why Vip?

As a bachelor of electrical engineering, in a period of massive digitalization, when the telecommunications are improving with enormous speed, Vip has offered me a way that is completely as I desired, what I wanted to learn and work. Vip is part of A1 Telecom Austria Group, so in this way, it offers big benefits for the employees, in particular, if you are young and prepared for new challenges and knowledge.

There is a great number of programs, aimed at young and ambitious people, ready to build their professional path. On the other side, the opportunity to learn from team of professionals is a special pleasure for me, and it takes significant part at the beginning of my career.

If I get back to the feelings I had the first business day, I would say excitement. Imagine, one of the biggest telecommunication companies in our country has opened its doors for me. I was nervous, but the positive atmosphere in the marketing team has has made me forgot about it all. Today the excitement still lasts, but the impatience prevails. I am impatient in front of the challenges, my job and the will to improve myself.

Sofija has started her career in Vip as intern, and today she is an employee, and she is one of the youngest members of the Marketing team.

From your personal experience, what is the difference between intern and employee?

If I make a difference, while working as an intern I was more focused on education, but this does not mean that I was not involved in the work. On the contrary, the participation and work on projects, helped me to upgrade and be prepared for today.

I started my internship in the Marketing Department, for Resident Clients, and working there for six months I have made a lot of effort to fit in the working atmosphere. From the very first day the colleagues from the team, as well as the colleagues from the other departments, were enormous support for me and they unselfishly shared their knowledge with me, the same is today.

Today I am an employee of VIP in the Marketing Department for Business Clients and I am dealing with more serious tasks, and I am trying to improve my knowledge and to apply it in the projects that I am working on. I work in a company striving towards modern technological improvement, that is going towards digitalization of our experience as employees, but as well as  towards digital experience of our Clients…  That takes great part of my motivation.

What is next?

Next? It is my honour to be a part of such big projects in the company. Digital transformation, an enormous challenge that is gaining momentum nowadays, in particular, in the telecommunication industry. I will continue to strive towards personal and professional progress, creating and collecting the experiences and challenges that each day brings.