Top up via My A1

and never miss a thing on your favorite social media with A1 Go Social

These days when you are advised to stay at home, with every online top up you make, you will get the weekly A1 Go Social bundle, completely free of charge, and you will never miss a thing on your favorite social media, without tapping into additional data.

Top up online any amount via the My A1 app, via postpaid number or via the webpage and get free weekly A1 Go Social bundle.

The promo deal is valid for postpaid to prepaid top ups via SMS or via the My A1 app.

With the weekly bundle A1 Go Social, you can check out the latest feeds on your favorite social media such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, FB Messenger, Snapchat and WhatsApp whenever you want and without tapping into your data. The A1 Go Social bundle features an additional 1GB internet data.

After the online top up of your prepaid phone number, you will be sent SMS notifying you have activated the A1 Go Social bundle. The free A1 Go Social bundle is active as of the date of the SMS notifications and can be used in the next 7 days. After the expiry of 7-day period, the A1 Go Social bundle will be automatically reactivated at regular fee amounting 119 MKD, provided that you have sufficient credit. The bundle is automatically deactivated if the customer does not have sufficient credit on their prepaid phone number upon the new activation or if the customer has sent SMS with the text STOP to 1499 to deactivate the bundle.

If during the promo period the customer has been given a free A1 Go Social bundle and makes a new top up before using the current bundle completely within the 7-day period, the prepaid customer will be sent new free A1 Go Social bundle, valid in the next 7 days as of the receipt of the SMS notification.

Customers having active A1 Go Social bundle can check the status of the remaining internet data of the 1GB additional bundle awarded with the bundle via the My A1 app or by sending SMS to 1440. The A1 Go Social bundle can be used as long as the customer has at least 1MB remaining mobile data out of the 1GB included in the A1 Go Social bundle or of other internet bundle activated by the customer. Please note that this is a promo offer valid for a limited period of time for A1 Prepaid customers.

For more information, please call 077 1234.