Sales is not only about negotiating contracts, but it is also about creating and building mutual trust

Interview with Mrs. Slobodanka Miovska, Head of Corporate Sales

More than 10 years ago when Slobodanka Miovska entered the world of commerce in what was Vip operator at that time, the company had introduced competition and had stirred the domestic telecommunication market.

She has been part of the Vip family since the very beginning and she is proud to share the story of development and building of her professional career, which as she states, has been built step by step, without cutting corners, with immense efforts and dedication to daily tasks at hand. She is now a head of Vip’s Corporate Sales Department, a company which is no longer only a mobile telephony provider, but a complete convergent operator offering full-range communication solutions.

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By nature, she is curious, passionate and enjoys both life and her job, extremely dedicated to the people she considers friends, loyal and very friendly to everybody. Business customers are part of her daily tasks at work, and when asked if business customers can sometimes be picky, she smiled and said that that it is a trade secret and she is not at liberty to discuss the matter. However, she stressed that negotiating a business contract is not about the signing of the contract itself, but it is about creating and building a business relationship based on trust.

You are working in an extremely dynamic sector and you are dealing with a specific category of customers requiring great deal of attention. You probably need great deal of energy throughout the day, so how does your morning routine look like, and usually, who do you drink your morning coffee with?

Every task, even going through one’s routine activities requires physical fitness and great deal of energy, but, according to me, what matters the most is clean thoughts and open mind. Approaching daily chores without prejudices. You are completely right when saying that telecommunications is an extremely dynamic sector, as the sector evolves every day and there are new developments almost daily.  Communication needs are constantly changing, so we need to stay on top of the latest trends.

At the beginning of my career, the offers on the market mainly focused on calls and SMS, and now the focus has shifted to internet data and deals offering complete business solutions to business customers. We do not stop there, and as you already mentioned, Vip is part of the A1 Telekom Austria Group and as result of the pending rebranding, the company will become member of the A1 brand family. Thus, Vip will become part of the leading actor in digital services in Southeastern Europe offering services to 25 million customers and a company working on making everyday digital living of customers more convenient, more productive, and of course, more pleasant.

Hence, this is an extremely dynamic area which is constantly changing and a profession requiring maximum concentration and unlimited dedication in building relations with customers based on mutual trust and fulfillment of obligations. That is why I always start my day off with a bowl of fruit and of course, with my morning coffee to keep me energized in the Vip cafeteria in the company of my coworkers who radiate positive energy. This is how my working day starts and my motto is that promises are there to be kept at all cost.

What motivates you?

In any profession and for any professional, there are always professional challenges on everyone’s path, no matter how good they are in what they do. There are always new possibilities, and hence, there is always provocation and desire to stay completely dedicated to one’s job and to strive for even better results. Only then is success guaranteed.

People say that what we, in sales, have in common is the desire for individual results, but I look at it from another aspect – the teamwork we nourish in the company brings great results, both as individuals and as a team. That is why, we celebrate every deal we close together, and for me, the biggest motivation is being surrounded by happy faces.

What are your daily plans and tasks?

Good salesmen are always extrovert persons, positive, quick on their feet and very patient persons who are knowledgeable in the business segment in the country in general. Our job is taking place on the field, and our office is whenever our customers are, because deals do not come to us, we need to look for them. That is why, our workdays are pretty dynamic and filled with many meetings in order to ensure conditions for top user experience.

Corporate sales is a complex segment requiring a great deal of dedication, personalized approach, fast decision-making and facing many challenges daily. I usually have a predefined agenda I follow throughout the day, but there is always something which was not planned and I need to attend urgently. Follow up of daily activities is a must. My job is pretty dynamic, but I enjoy it because I love my job.

What do you do in your free time?

Those who know me well would say that I’m a ball of energy, always on the move, racing time. And they are probably right, as my life does not differ from the lives of other young people. I enjoy spending my time in good company in my favorite cafés in Skopje, and I especially cherish the time spent with my friends in my home, enjoying some of my fish dishes and a glass of good wine, discussing late into the night.

I enjoy staying fit and that is why I have been doing fitness for almost 9 years, and I also do hiking and go to Vodno to relax. I also enjoy traveling and that is why Zanzibar is the next destination for this year.

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How does your day end up usually?

My home is my relax zone. A good movie is always an option on workdays, and on weekends, in case I’m not traveling, a glass of drink in great company is always a great option.


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