Enjoy eco-driving

Electric scooter on monthly installments

A1 Combo makes driving around fun and eco-friendly!

Choose A1 Combo Neo 4M featuring two A1 Neo M lines and get Xiaomi Mi electric scooter for only 619 MKD/month.

The electric scooter is a convenient and fast way of commuting, without polluting the air and the environment.

Mi Electric Scooter M365i is:

  • Lightweight and convenient
  • It features battery lasting up to 30km on a single charge
  • It has responsive dual braking system
  • It is easy to fold and easy to carry

The offer is available based on entering new or renewing an existing 24-month service agreement for the A1 Combo Neo 4M or A1 Combo Lite Neo 4M tariff plans featuring two A1 Neo M mobile lines.

Please note that theelectric scooter is also available for sale in combination with other tariff plans

For more information, please call 077 1234.

Quantities are limited.