New Year’s surprise

PlayStation 4 with A1 Combo

To make this year magical, opt for А1 Combo plan featuring home internet, mobile lines and TV and save up. All A1 Combo bundles also feature free fixed phone line. Additionally, with A1 Combo you will get discount for purchasing new deviceof your choice.

A1 Combo allows you flexibility. Opt for one of the recommended A1 Combo bundles or go to Make a custom A1 Combo bundle to create one to meet your personal needs.

Recommended tariff plan

А1 Combo M

Unlimited internet
up to 50/3 Mbps speed
Interactive TV
up to 60 channels + selection of
2 additional TV bundles, free of charge
2 TV connections
A1 Video-On-Demand, free of charge
Free fixed phone line
2 mobile lines A1 Neon+
A1 Xplore TV M free of charge


Playstation 4 500GB

Additionally, with A1 Combo you can opt for SONY Playstation 4 SLIM 500GB HDD for 0 MKD.


Valid based on entering new or renewing an existing 24-month service agreement for A1 Net M + TV M with two A1 Neon+ mobile lines. The offer is available for orders made via our virtual А1 Live Shop.

Please note that the quantities are limited.

The offer featuring the internet speeds and the number of TV channels listed above is only available on locations where the required technical conditions are met.

For more information, please call 077 1234.