From idea to reality – how young start-ups can succeed in today’s competitive world!

Yesterday as part of CALU5 Startup Edition Powered by Vip, our Senior HR, Corporate Communications and Business Transformations Director, Ivan Skender, had an interactive session with over 40 participants of the hackathon event where he shared with them his views about the three most important factors that young startups need in order to succeed in today’s tech world. He pointed out that they should try to concur the technologies of the future: IoT, Big Data, Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence and Robotization. Regardless which area they choose, they should aim for the global market. Ivan pointed out that if they want to succeed they have to be between the first companies on the market to develop the new technologies/solutions, and if at least two companies in Macedonia have that product, then they should move on and choose something else.

If they are wondering how to present themselves on the market, his advice to them is to use advanced solutions and find local partners on foreign markets. Entrepreneurs need tech knowledge, marketing know-how and good design for their product to be attractive to potential investors.

He informed them that Meetup’s are always a good place to meet key people. Technology is not a onetime shot. They must be willing to learn, learn and learn in order to succeed in today’s business world, because knowledge becomes outdated very quickly.

Finally, his most important tips for young tech entrepreneurs: Use technologies of the future, be cross-functional, be willing to learn and invest time in development crowds and groups such as this event.