Natasha Stavrevska: I want to provide а genuine contribution to every story, which is а part of Vip

Natasha Stavrevska has graduated from the Faculty of Economics, at the Department of E- business within the Ss. Cyril and Methodius in Skopje, and slowly, but surely is making her way up in the telecommunication company Vip, more specifically, in the Marketing Department.

Her never-ending desire to learn and her readiness to conquer new challenges, have always helped her make her dreams come true, changing her short-term internship status into a permanent employment at Vip. In addition to her professional duties and the dedication to continuous learning and improvement, Natasha also enjoys traveling and she is known for her excellent sense of humor.

My Vip story…

I don’t think that there is anyone in our country who hasn’t heard about Vip. Back then, when I was a student, living on a budget, just like any other young person, I needed fast and affordable way to communicate, so Vip’s services were the best choice.  Since I became a postpaid customer, I got the opportunity to learn about the company and what it does. It seemed like a good place to work, like whenever I needed to talk to somebody from the company, its employees were always very professional to me, as their customer. I was fascinated by their readiness to assist me with all questions and dilemmas I had, in terms of services, and I was closely watching all of the campaigns and activities of the company. After graduating from the University, I was ready to take on the next challenge, and I wanted to start my professional career in a company, which allows young people to learn and grow. Vip was the perfect place to start. Now, I’m sure that I’m in the right place, a place that allows me to learn and grow constantly, not only professionally, but also personally. I’m happy to be writing my story, in one of the largest companies in our country.

Why exactly Vip?

Because it is an international company, operating by applying the latest global standards and offering vast possibilities for learning and advancement. It is a big family of 19 thousand employees, working in 7 different countries. A company, that offers its employees an opportunity to build and develop a professional career, not only locally, but also internationally. Such opportunity is available to all of us, but is still up to us to grab it and make the best of it. My coworkers have always been generous in sharing their expertise and knowledge, which makes working with them, both, a challenge and an immense satisfaction. That is why I would like to contribute to every story, which is a part of Vip.

You’ve walked the long way, from being just an intern, you’ve managed to become an employee. What is the difference between these two positions?

Well, I started off as an intern at the Marketing Communications Department. I worked as an intern for 9 months and was completely focused on learning, by being involved in many projects and campaigns. I was getting to know the system, and I was in constant coordination with my team coworkers and the coworkers from the other departments, I was in communication with different marketing agencies, I was organizing the working hours, and I was even chairing meetings.

I can surely say that things would be much more difficult for me, if I haven’t had the support of the entire team I was working with, which have provided a dedicated, patient and selfless support and attention, to help me, easily adapt to the new environment. I’m glad that I was given a voice, as an intern, in sharing my ideas, and I’m thankful for being involved in all activities of my department, and the entire company.

Now, being a Vip employee, I have many more responsibilities and a larger scope of work. In other words,  I’m involved in larger projects and campaigns, and I finally have the opportunity to apply the knowledge I gained in the past 9 months. My work is very dynamic and every day is a new story, but we always nurture the team spirit, offering the best services and care for our customers.

What’s next?

Once I manage to reach one goal, I’ve set for myself, I move on to the next one.  There are even larger and more serious projects coming down the road, so I’m ready to work hard and achieve excellent results.