Surf the net on the fastest mobile internet anywhere in Macedonia!

A1 offers you the fastest mobile internet anywhere in Macedonia, based on official tests of the Agency of Electronic Communications (AEC).

Parameters measuring public electronic communication services quality for 2020 have shown that our mobile network has the best results in data transfer (download).

The report has shown that to download a 10GB file in settlements, we provide download speed of 97 Mbps, which is almost twice as high as the normative speed (55 Mbps) prescribed by the AEC. A1 mobile data transfer speed proved to be superior in 28 out of total of 30 settlements where tests have been performed. In addition, superior speeds have been recorded on all roads and road sections undergoing testing.

In addition to the fastest data transfer, our mobile network has the best performances in terms of successful and uninterrupted calls, as well as the best voice quality.

Measurements have been performed across the whole territory of Macedonia, including all major settlements and main roads.

To learn more about the results from the official tests performed by the AEC, please go to this link.