With A1 MyKi

in the world of Bibi

Bibi set with every MyKi smartwatch

MyKi is the last generation smartwatch for kids, which, in addition to being great fun for your child, also provides certainty for you!

Opt for MyKi smartwatch and surprise your child with a special set from the World of Bibi - Bibi's new book "My favourite places" and a Trip Planner. With this set, Bibi will take you for a magical and educational journey all around our country.

The smartwatch for kids features a GPS device, allowing you to track your child's location and movement. The smartwatch is easy to use. The integrated SOS button allows your child to reach you on your phone at the touch of a button, and the integrated SIM card allows you to reach your child at any time.

The smart watch is available in this promo offer for 0 MKD in all our stores or by making an online order, based on entering 24-month service agreement and monthly fee of 399 MKD for the A1 MyKi tariff plan.

If you decide to include your A1 MyKi tariff plan into the A1 Combo 4 bundle, you will get a 100 MKD discount on your A1 MyKi tariff plan monthly fee.

A1 MyKi


internet data for the smart watch
500 minutes
in A1
50 minutes
to other national networks
50 SMS
to all networks


With MyKi, you can always be safe about the location of your child, and you can even track the exact position of your child at any given moment by using your mobile phone. All you need to do is install the MyKi Watch app.


It is possible to set up to 10 phone numbers that you child can call at any moment, as the watch also works like a mobile phone. MyKi allows you to protect your child from unauthorized calls, since the smartwatch only receives incoming and makes outgoing calls from and to preset numbers.

SOS speed dial button

Just by pressing the SOS speed dial button, your child can reach you at any time, while the smartwatch will automatically send you the coordinates of your child's location.


You can receive and send voicemail to and back from your child.

Touch/proximity sensor

Its integrated touch/proximity sensor allows you to check if your child wears the smartwatch and you will be immediately notified in case your child takes out the smartwatch.

For more information, please visit www.myki.watch.

For additional information, please call 077 1234.