“We create together” – a new concept in the digitalization era

Encountering the official start of work under the new brand, Vip as part of A1 Telecom Austria Group, promotes new partnership concept with the clients entitled “We create together”,  with the  intention to make stronger relations with the clients, and to open the doors for mutual creation of new products and services as well as improvement of the existing clients’ experiences.

The opinions, proposals and the needs of the clients, who are always on the first place for the companies, through this concept, will directly influence the creation of the portfolio of the products and services, thus creating a stronger relation for the purpose of bigger clients’ satisfaction.

Workshops have already been held within this concept, where through the methodology design thinking, the clients that were interested, participated in several groups, that are reflecting the different client target groups in telecommunication market, and they, as well, gained the opportunity to present their opinions and to give properly well-argumented proposals for the new products and services.

The two unique offers that derived from the workshops that have been held, have already been implemented in Vip`s portfolio as follows, E-scooter – the proposal by the group, consisted of young people and students, is the offer that caused an enormous attention and demand – E-scooter as well as Smart Home – a product, that derived as a proposal by the group representing the interests of one average Macedonian family.

The concept “We create together”, is a further proof that Vip, as part of A1 Telecom Austria Group goes a step ahead in the implementation of client relations, for the purpose of mutual creation of products and services, tailored for satisfying even the most selective telecommunication needs of the clients