We create together: Interview Marija Barkova, student

E–scooter is one of the many successful promotions offering the customers with possibility to purchase the ultra-modern transport mean – electrical scooter.

This time we are presenting you Marija Barkova who is 21 years old, coming from Veles and who is a student at the University of Audio-visual Arts and ESRA in Skopje, and we are talking with her about her engagement as member of one of the target groups of the project “We create together” whose proposal to put the e-scooters in the company offer became real.

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“We create together” is completely new concept in the working of the Macedonian companies and you have accepted the challenge to be part of this pioneering step of the company. Is there basis for this to continue functioning in full capacity?

Of course, I am certainly convinced in the success of this concept because the clients know the best what they are satisfied from and what do they need, they know how to create for themselves and to demand new offers. Vip has really opened the doors and listens the proposals with attention and has enabled them to obtain the same.

You are one of the members of the target groups creating together. How does the cycle of workshops function in reality?

The workshops are significantly interesting and are unique experience where group work in fun way leads to interesting ideas and solutions. The major part of the participants does not know each other and that is how they obtain the opportunity to find more things among each other and to get familiar before the start of the serious part of the work.

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Is the company open for implementation of the recommendations by the clients?

I personally am an example that the company is open for implementations of the recommendations and ideas by the clients because I was part of the group that had the idea for E-scooter. We thought that the offer created in this way will be accepted by the major part of the youth that may allow themselves the new trend of transport mean saving time, finances and of course ecologically friendly.