Xplore TV - TV no matter where you are

With Vip Xplore TV, enjoy your favorite TV shows, no matter where you are! From now on, you can easily watch your favorite shows or movies on your TV, mobile phone, tablet or PC. All you need to is register on www.A1xploretv.mk and download the app available for both Android or iOS.

With the new Vip Xplore TV S package for 0 MKD per month, you will be able to watch 15 TV channels completely free of charge, featuring the latest music, movie or sport contents.

For more fun and more TV channels, activate the Vip Xplore TV М package, which is free of charge during the first month, and enjoy your favorite TV shows, no matter where you are. Activate the package and you will get:

  • 40 live TV channels, including Cinestar Action & Thriller, Arena 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, RTL. Click овде to see the complete list of available TV channels.
  • TV listings for 7 back days and 3 days to come
  • The broadcasted program for the past 7 days from all TV channels
  • Content recording of up to 10 hours
  • Video database with unlimited viewing of available content




With the Vip Xplore TV M package, the service is free of charge in the first month as of the activation and the customer may choose to terminate the service at any time. After the first free month, please note that you will be charged monthly fee of 199 MKD, VAT inclusive.


The Vip Xplore TV service is available to all Vip Postpaid subscribers using Vip SIM card, based on online activation. Please note that internet access is required to be able to use the service, which is not included in the price above.