Interactive television

Choose A1 Combo to get free interactive TV and you won't miss anything from your favorite TV show or movie.

Our interactive television service allows you to pause, restart or record live TV shows, check TV listings, and watch TV contents aired up to 7 days ago for up to 70 TV channels.

The interactive TV service and the A1 Video-On-Demand service are available free of charge to all subscribers based on A1 Combo service agreement throughout the validity of the service agreement

Provided that the required technical conditions for interactive television are available, existing A1 Combo tariff plan subscribers can activate the interactive TV service by replacing their current receiver with new digital one at one-time fee amounting MKD 1,999 or in 12 monthly installments of MKD 199 per month.

How can the new interactive features improve your TV watching experience?

Pause and Restart

The "pause” option allows you to pause the program you are currently watching and then pick up from there the next time you watch that program.

In case you’ve tuned in late to your favorite show, our interactive television allows you to rewind shows.


In case you simply are not able to watch your favorite TV show at the time it is being aired, you can easily record it and watch it later.

You can watch the contents you have recorded 20 days from the date of recording. After that, the recorded content is erased automatically.

With this interactive service you will get 10 hours of recording time.

In case you need additional recording time, you can activate additional 10 hours of recording storage for MKD 249 MKD/month at any time. This gives you a total of 20 hours recording time on the network valid throughout the duration of the subscription period.

TV Listings

If you have missed your favorite TV show, use this option to watch TV contents that has been aired in the last 7 days for up to 70 TV channels!

Free A1 Video-On-Demand

In the Video-On-Demand, you can access pre-recorded video contents (movies, concerts, videos etc.) that you can watch any time you want. In addition to the contents that you have recorded yourself, now, you also have free access to all contents found in the Video-On-Demand service (Klasik TV, Bibi, Zlatno Slavejche etc.).

Parental Control

From now on, you can control the TV contents that your children may watch. Simply, PIN lock the contents that you think are not suitable for your children.

The interactive TV service is available in Skopje, Bitola, Prilep, Kochani, Gostivar, Radovish, Kumanovo, Veles, Tetovo and Shtip, only at locations where that the required technical conditions are met.

Листата на канали за кои се овозможени интерактивните функционалности:
MRT 1 MRT 2 Sobraniski kanal Sitel Kanal 5 Alfa TV
Telma Alfa AlsatM TV 24 Nasha TV TV Sonce
Epc Drama TV1000 Klasic TV Viasat Nature BBC Earth ViaSat Explore
ViaSat History Kanal 5 HD RTL RTL 2 RTL Living RTL Kockica
FilmBox Plus FilmBox Extra HD FilmBox Arthouse Pink Plus Pink Music Pink Extra
Pink 3 Info Pink Music 2 Pink Hits Pink Hits 2 Pink Folk 1 Pink Folk 2
City Play Pink Film Pink Reality Pink Fashion Pink World Pink N Roll
Pink Kids          


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