All Arena Sport TV channels with A1 Combo!

From now on, all A1 customers will have the possibility to watch Arena Sport 1, Arena Sport 2, Arena Sport 3, Arena Sport 4 and Arena Sport 5 TV channels and to enjoy the most popular sporting events:

  • The UEFA Champions League,
  • The UEFA Europa League,
  • The Italian Serie A,
  • The EHF Champions League,
  • NBA & ABA League
  • The Spanish La Liga, broadcasted as of September 2021 and many other sport content.

For even more sports and fun at home, with this promo offer, in the period from 01.02.2021 to 01.05.2021, all A1 customers will enjoy watching all five Arena Sport TV channels, 3 months free of charge. After the expiry of the 3-month promo period, the Arena Sports TV channels will still be available, depending on customer’s tariff plan or the additional TV bundle chosen. During and after the expiry of the promo period, the monthly tariff plan fee for TV services and additional TV bundles will not be subject to any change, that is, will remain the same as per the service agreement.

As of 01.03.2021, the SportKlub TV channels will no longer be part of the contents that we rebroadcast via our TV platforms and they will be replaced with the Arena Sport channels, in TV service tariff plans and in additional TV bundles, without any alterations applying to monthly fees.

Click here, for details regarding the amendments to the TV channel list, or click here for the complete list of TV channels categorized by tariff plans and additional TV bundles.

To be able to watch the Arena Sport TV channels, customers using older STB model will be required to re-scan channels.

For more information, please call 077 1234.