А1 Neon

On-line tariff plan

Activate the A1 Neon tariff plan online and get promo 20GB internet data, every month. Choose your new smartphone with online discount and free delivery to your home.

A1 Neon

A1 Net Sef

up to 50GB


internet data
minutes and SMS
Unlimited internet
every night from
00:00hrs until 06:00hrs

Choose A1 Neon and get:

  • A night option for unlimited internet, every night, from midnight till 6 o`clock until the morning, without spending the internet that goes with the tariff
  • А1 Net Sef, where all of your unused monthly internet from your tariff, will be saved, and you can use it at any time.
  • A smartphone with an extra online discount, available only with the A1 Neon tariff

Тарифни модели достапни само со SIM картичка

А1 Neon SIM 0

If you are not in need of a mobile phone, choose the A1 Postpaid SIM card and sign up for an indefinite period, choosing one of the current tariffs, with a lower monthly fee.

The quantity is limited!

Please note that the online discount refers only to selected models of smartphones. For an additional smartphone choice, with online discount, please check the whole offer!

This offer is valid, for both, new and already existing customers, with the chosen A1 Neon tariff model, by signing a new agreement or by renewing an existing 24 month service agreement. The one-time charge for the activation of the tariff model, is 59 MKD, per line. The unlimited minutes and SMS offer, applies to all the national networks. Please note that the charging interval for outgoing calls is 60 seconds, and 1KB for national internet data.

After the usage of the activated internet, in the basic package of 15GB, you can keep using free internet, but with slower speed, except for the period, in which the night option for unlimited internet is on. The night option is not transferable in the A1 Net Sef.