As a company incorporating actions aimed towards preserving the environment within its ESG Group Programme in its core strategy, A1 Makedonija is proud to announce A1 Green Call – the latest platform for recycling and reusing used electronic devices: used mobile phones, laptops and tablets.

The goal of A1 Green Call is to invite all interested parties to recycle their used devices, irrespective of device model, year of production and state and irrespective whether they are A1 Makedonija customers or not.

All used devices owners are invited to visit the closest A1 store and just simply discard their used devices in the special area labeled "A1 Green Call". In addition, each used device owner discarding their used devices for recycling will be given an eco bag to contribute to the protection of our environment.

"A1 Green Call” is an environmental eco-platform which forms a significant part of our strategic planning and is a tangible realization of the long-term commitment of A1 Makedonija of positioning itself as a sustainable company. This platform will help us extend our activities through an active care for the environment. Everybody is welcome to join the A1 Green Call, meaning that all citizens owning old and unusable electronic devices in their homes are more than welcome to take part. Each and every one of us is important and truly welcome to join this activity for a greener tomorrow and better future overall by engaging in recycling and reusing the past. New, greener, and better world is possible, and we, at A1 Makedonija, are extremely proud to be the leading company setting the standards for eco-friendly digital transformation in our country" - stated Mr. Metodija Mirchev, A1 Makedonija Executive Director.

A1 Green Call is a project implemented in cooperation with "Nula Otpad", licensed waste management company. All devices will be properly selected, stored and recycled pursuant to the latest and the safest e-waste handling methods.

About ESG:

A1 Group's ambitions within the Project ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) have set clear goals categorized in three main segments: The 2030 Climate and Environmental Ambitions – Reaching net CO2 neutrality by decreasing harmful gasses emissions and gradual switching to renewable sources of energy, long-term goal for increasing energy efficiency by 80% as compared to 2019 and recycling about 50,000 used devices annually, The 2023 Social Ambition - educating more than 100 000 people, especially focusing on children and young people, in the segment of digital literacy, to give people confidence and skills to actively shape digital worlds and The 2023 Corporate Governance Ambition - to increase the rate of women at managing positions above 40% and to raise and maintain the rate of women employed at the company above 40%, as well as to maintain the best practices and the third-party certified governance system with the aim of protecting both the integrity and the reliability of the A1 Telekom Austria Group.